Human Ancestor Skulls & Bones Found in a South African Cave Are Over 3.5 Million Years Old — 1 Million Years Older Then Science Originally Concluded

June 29, 2022

The field of anthropology continues to get upended over the last 20 years. There are two most interesting developments, from my viewpoint and personal studies. One was the discovery that there was a time in relatively recent history — 50,000+ years ago — when FIVE different species of human beings roamed the earth at the same time. All different species, but all human. Yes Neanderthal was one of them. And so too were Homo sapien sapiens. That’s us. Three others also lived on earth simultaneously with us and Neanderthal. [will come back to list their exact species name].

The other development of course was the cracking of the genome or genetic code of the most modern, or better put the last surviving human being, Homo sapien sapiens. This remarkable scientific achievement changed anthropology forever. We no longer classify humans from a nationality perspective, but from a tribal i.e. genetic perspective.

From a species perspective almost all human beings are genetically 80-95% Homo sapiens, with anywhere between 5-20% Neanderthal. In other words, no one is strictly a Homo sapien as their species.

From a racial perspective, we’ve brought it down to 4 different races, sub Saharan African, Caucasian, south eastern Asian, and north eastern Asian. In my opinion this is a deeply flawed and soon to change conclusion, because what race are norther Africans a part of? They aren’t Caucasian nor are they south or north eastern Asian.

From there we go what genetic TRIBE(s) everyone is from. And this is done through genetic testing now, NOT from where people live or where they used to live or where their ancestors lived. A person may live in America, their ancestors lived all over Europe, but genetically they are Russian and Scandinavian, since Scandinavians originally populated Russia. Someone like me for instance who is half italian half English is genetically a small part italian a small part english a larger part German and and an even larger part Scandinavian. And for obvious reasons. Since the Vikings (modern day Scandinavian) were the first people to populate Germany, and then both the regions of England and Italy; the Germans came soon after to those regions. So our family may be “from” Italy and England. But genetically we’re primarily Scandinavian and German for a much longer time period.

Another fascinating aspect of the genetic testing revolution of anthropology is how it dissolves the idea people have that being Jewish is a religious demarcation, not a nationality. They’re right about that. It’s not a nationality. But it is it’s own unique and singular genetic tribe, different from every other human tribe on earth.

The primary change — and this is still a fast moving evolution in the science — is that #1 we no longer categorize humans by nationality (from an anthropological sense); we classify human beings according to what tribe they are of based on their genetic markers, and there are a LOT more unique genetic tribes of human being than we originally theorized; and where a person or their ancestors lived for the last few hundred years doesn’t matter half as much as we used to give credit for.

In any case, the blow article presents a recent dig that blows the entire dating system of human beings off by a good million years, making us much older than we originally presumed. More later.

On Social Welfare & Safety Net Programs

June 28, 2022

Comment: “Very admirable, but who exactly would be “fronting the bill” for all of that??”

Ed Hale:
Now don’t shoot me, but after studying other democracies around the world, that lean more socialist and less cut throat capitalist, we do find 1, (hold, don’t respond yet) whole populations of countries whose basic needs are met, based on a top down distribution system and they can still manage to not tax anyone more than 39%. One aspect of these systems is the recognition by everyone in the country, not just the governments — remember, they’re elected by the people, that once someone has collected a few million, they don’t need nor even benefit from millions or billions more.
The caveat: they are of course smaller countries with far fewer people. Which several of you have already reminded me of. I get that.
The irony, as I type this out, is that I am “the person in our friends group” who gets attacked the most for my extreme pro-capitalist views and defenses. I really really believe it’s what made America the best country in human history. (Not Democracy, because that’s common all over planet earth, and there are other countries that have much better more functional democracies.). It’s our capitalist spirit and the freedoms we have to do whatever we want to create and succeed. The lack of laws and limitations on our population in regards to business (comparatively) are singular and very beneficial. So I dont just support it; I love it. Plenty of my more blue blooded friends think I’m a fascist for loving capitalism so much. Fine.

BUT I do think we’ve created an extreme economic imbalance in the country. And I mean Czarist Russia or monarchical Great Britain level economic imbalance. It’s only a matter of time before America goes full on french or Bolshevik Revolution due to these imbalances. Just a thought, based on human history. Where America is now, with a relative few so wealthy they’re able to burn 100 dollar bills for fun and the majority not able to even pay for their health insurance, eventually they’re going to see the con and resist and revolt.
(IMO that’s what the Trump vote was. Revolt against wealthy elitists. Ironically. If the nomination went to Bernie, the candidate who actually won the nomination, it would have been an election between two outsiders both offering an “f this system” platform.)
Frankly, I’m at a point now where I’m more compassionately concerned about millions of people unable to make ends meet than I am about paying a high tax rate as I was 20 years ago. I’ve travelled to and lived in too many other democracies where everyone is cared for to believe the myths about “we can’t do that here”.
I’d really like to wake up one day and know that everyone’s basic needs are being met by a functioning compassionate system. That might be socialist capitalism. I’m alright with that now.
PS – this idea that we throw around that “people won’t be motivated to work” is still true now. In the present system. And it’s a small percentage. Most people would be more inclined to work hard and create something if they weren’t so angry depressed and desperate about paying their bills.
PPS – the other argument billionaires love to promote, they won’t be encouraged to philanthropy anymore. (!!!!!! Have to get that anger off my chest) Do I really have to even say it??? How about a system like so many other countries have where we don’t NEED billionaires to hold philanthropy over our heads. It’s a scapegoat to justify all the loopholes we allow. “Hey I’ll build a hospital wing if you let me pay only 3% in taxes this year through loopholes.” No thanks. We’ll build our own hospital wings.

Comment: “Admirable ideas. But source beings don’t ask for free gifts. Giving things away to people just creates more dependence.”

Ed Hale: Aaahhh…. See, I dont see the above as “free gifts” at all. BUT I’m viewing it from way above with the perspective of the last 7,000 years of recorded human history and heck, even adding the prior 3,000 — so from the moment of the melting of the last ice age when Homo sapiens first started forming modern civilizations (which admittedly is from where I always view nearly everything when we’re speaking of humanity).
From there one doesn’t see the “free gifts” idea. What one sees is a cooperative human society focused on survival and long rooted in 10,000 years of deliberate maneuvering and intelligent strategic decisions where each member does what they are naturally best at to serve the whole. Strong ass men are going to hunt, or work security and defense, or chop wood and build fortresses; smart folks are going to design better and better weapons or fortresses or tools; younger fertile women are going to carry children to term, have the babies, feed the babies i.e. one part of a much larger whole that perpetuates the species; older women are going to teach them how to do that, help and nurture them while they do that; etc etc. That’s just a tiny sample of a much larger picture of 10,000 years of human history as we know it. Humans have survived by working as a collective.
(If a man sits down at a fire to eat and play with this babies and kids in his tribe after a long day hunting, he’s not thinking that that fire that someone else built is a “free gift”, nor is that meal someone else cooked all day that he’s eating a free gift, nor are those babies he’s playing with a free gift. He understands how successful human societies work.

Comment: Ed Hale Wow You should be a poet, or writer, even a song-writer!😘
You speak with truth and wisdom.
We see the natural way of things.
One day…

Comment: his intelligence is refreshing and I love it! We could use a daily dose of Ed Hale and his wise words❤️👍💯

Comment: Ed Hale Yes everyone needs to contribute. I agree with that. Handouts are not providing anything of value in return. #Disservice

New Song “On the Day They Overturned”

June 27, 2022

In the immediate aftermath of the United States Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe Vs. Wade on Friday, Ed Hale performed a new song entitled “On the Day They Overturned” on his Instagram account and his Transcendent Television channel on YouTube, along with a copy of the song’s powerful, at times graphic lyrics.
“I haven’t been writing as many songs with lyrics lately as you know, because I’ve really been into writing these orchestral guitar instrumentals. But this one came rather fast & furious in the last 48 hours. Like everybody else i was in a state of shock all day after hearing the news, dumbstruck really.”

“The song came to me late Friday night, popped in my head pretty much completed. Saturday I just had to sit down and flesh out the lyrics. Took Sunday to fine tune them. But the song already knew what it was, knew what it wanted to say. I just had to listen.”

On social media Hale wrote, “This song was particularly inspired by human rights and enlightenment activist Devkirn Khalsa, based on a whirlwind of important, intense conversations we had during those first 48 hours. Some of the lyrics are nearly direct translations of conversations we’ve had about these topics in the last two days.”

Performed on a 1971 Hofner 489 acoustic guitar. Two microphones going direct in mono. No treatment or effects.


“On the Day They Overturned”

On the day they overturned
I looked away the world was burning
On the day they overturned
As we were fighting to be heard
All was lost but we didn’t understand
How the rights we had
Could be wrestled from our hands
On the day they overturned
On the day they overturned
Didn’t I see you crawling
Through an alley on your knees
The scars of pain
Carved in your face
As you lay bleeding in the street
Like an animal
I know
That’s what we fought for

On the day they overturned
I looked away, my body trembling
On the day they overturned
A final battle cry was heard
A billion people gathered on the earth
To mourn a nation’s death
So soon after it’s birth
On the day they overturned
On the day they overturned
Didn’t we see it coming
From a million miles away
When states misguided
By stacked courts and gods
Become theocracies
It’s inevitable
I know
That’s what we fought for
I know
Isn’t that what we fought for

On the day we overcame
stared straight ahead
And never fumbled
On the day we overcame
And stopped corruption in our name
All was lost
But they didn’t understand
How it was theirs to lose
As we snatched it from their hands
On the day we overcame
On the day we overcame
We finally raised the flag of freedom
In the morning light
Not for the men the straight
the christian or the wealthy or the white
But for everyone
I know
It’s what we fought for

Music and Lyrics by Ed Hale

Another Shooting In America’s Longest War

June 20, 2022

A friend just sent us a note that 3 people in his backyard of Birmingham, Alabama were killed a few days back, one of them he knew going back a long time. Like many, his desperate plea is for prayers. Comforting maybe for the survivors, in the moment and on the surface, but clearly not a solution. Because the problem is only getting worse, despite all the best intentions of countless prayers. His message steeled my resolve even more.
Thank you sharing this my fiend. It is with continued shock, grief and sorrow that we are once again reminded just how bad this crisis has become and just how important our mission is to stop it. This past year I have been slowly learning, realizing, that it doesn’t matter if we knew them or not, nor “how many”, nor if they were children or adults.

The tragedy is that we are forced to consider, and then attempt to qualify these different aspects of mass shootings on a near daily basis now. Which ones to highlight and report on. Which ones to make a big national deal out of… Child versus adult. How many. Did we know them. Where were they. As if one is better or worse than the other in some way…. When it is all terribly tragic, and worse perhaps, almost entirely preventable.
The fact that if we blink, or take a day off, yet another, or five more, or ten more, transpire somewhere else in our nation that week. It is an endless parade of human loss and families destroyed now in America’s most personal and devastating war.
I am so very sorry that this hit so close to home for you brother.
Long bear hug,

One of the most disturbing images that has burned itself into my memory is that of a weasly little man called Ted Cruz a few weeks back. One of the biggest impediments to stopping gun violence in America, he decides to show his face down in Uvalde, Texas… turn it into a political campaign event for himself.

A mass of reporters from other countries had flown in to the States to cover the story. One of them had the courage to ask Cruz, who is a senator of what’s turned into a mess of a country and therefore has some power to actually improve things for the shocked and devastated Americans, what he’s going to do about this latest mass shooting.

Cruz blusters around the issue claiming they need to “research it more”. The reporters all laugh. Because the answer was ridiculous. The idea that the United States needs to “research more” to stop mass murders instead of pass laws to stop them is a foolish one, either a silly attempt at deception of only the most intellectually compromised citizens, or the ramblings of a true idiot with limited mental capacity.

Cruz then goes on to mention “American Exceptionalism”, to which the whole gaggle of reporters start laughing. “How can you possibly justify American exceptionalism when your government permits these mass murders and won’t do anything to prevent them?” they ask. “I’m sorry you think American exceptionalism is funny” Cruz replies. As if he’s just delivered a winning jab at some junior high school political debate.

At this very moment all eyes and cameras abandoned the man, recognizing that he didn’t have anything substantive to add to the story nor the larger discussion about gun violence or mass shootings in America.

One can imagine foreign journalists and reporters discussing having to fly to America yet again to cover one of their incessant mass shootings. How they must be both shocked and entertained at the stupidity of the people. The conversations they must have amongst each other… “what did the Americans say this time? Will they finally start passing laws to prevent gun violence there?” “No, on the contrary. They want to pray more and increase guns in all their schools.”

It is a record of the times. The year is 2022.

In America’s War On Gun Violence, Another Congressman Bites the Dust

June 3, 2022

See the New York Times article about New York congressman Chris Jacobs below.

THIS is what the WAR IN AMERICA on mass shootings and gun violence looks like. A Republican congressman from New York, saddened and shocked by the mass shooting and murder of 10 residents of his district in Buffalo felt that he “had no choice but to speak up and try to do something to stop this madness”.
He received so much pushback, anger, hate mail, threats, and pulled support from the enemy, the NRA and the Republican corporation (yes, thinly disguised as a political party), that a week later he pulled out of the race completely.
One man, who dared to be honest, be courageous, show that he has a heart and a conscience in that vicious Republican machine, and he’s gone. no longer will he do anything good or bad as a civil servant for the American people. He was shut up and put down like a dog in less than a week by the enemy. And he was on THIER side.
So when people on the other side question you about America being at war, have faith, be brave, stand tall, know the facts are on your side. On OUR side.
They’ll laugh. They’ll attempt to minimize the TWENTY (20) mass shootings we’ve had just this week in the United States. They’ll blame it on everything but free and easy legal access to guns. But you know better.
This weekend we will create a quick and easy list to Share of the bills already proposed in congress and the Senate to become laws that would put an end to this madness overnight. And none of them involve “banning guns”. That is, again, just a talking point the enemy uses to confuse people so they’ll say things like “gosh I wish there was something we could do” or better yet hoping people will do nothing because they’re just too damn confused.
Take heart. There is nothing difficult or confusing about this issue. It’s a simple fix. 💪

With America Now In a Civil War, After 20 Mass Shootings In a Week, Anyone Who Is Against Gun Safety & Gun Control Laws Is the Enemy

June 1, 2022

Annnnnnd… there’s another one. This is the 18th mass shooting since Uvalde, TX. 18 MASS SHOOTINGS IN A WEEK IN THE UNITED STATES.
I said it a few days ago and I’ll keep saying it: AMERICA IS AT WAR. After last week’s Transcendence Diaries post about this subject a few people timidly emailed me to ask “what do you mean “at war”?” “Timidly” because most, if not all, Americans have been brainwashed and indoctrinated since birth to be scared sh*itless to talk about guns or gun laws. It’s a more delicate and tense subject than religion sex or politics. And that’s just how the enemy wants it to be. They want everybody to be scared to death of talking about guns. So nobody speaks up about.
It’s not that people don’t care. They care. At least half the people care a lot. Polls show it’s a lot more. But it’s only half or less of the American population who have the courage to speak up about it. I witnessed it profoundly last week. Everybody who agreed or had an opinion about the issue and the essay and social media posts private messaged me or emailed me. Nobody wanted to comment or speak about their shock or horror or sadness publicly. And we are talking about WEEKLY MASS MURDER here.
An entire population of 370 million people socially terrified to voice their concern their sadness or their shock about mass shootings in their own country or the mass proliferation of guns in their country or the barbaric and primitive near complete lack of laws governing guns. That’s a shocking reality.
But it’s been beaten into the psyche of Americans for centuries. “Guns are a constitutional right and mass shootings are an inconvenient byproduct of that right. Deal with it. And if you find that odd or disturbing or surreal, well you must not be a patriotic American.” Even if you served in the military to defend your country you are still “unpatriotic” if you support gun safety legislation”.
So we will keep saying it over and over and over. If AMERICA IS AT WAR, who’s fighting who? Who are WE? And who are WE at war with?
WE are the American people. Any American citizen who finds our history our reputation and our present reality regarding guns and mass shootings barbaric, abominable, deeply disturbing, completely unnecessary and wants to change it.
WHO are we at war with? WE ARE AT WAR with anyone who continues to stand in the way of the country’s desire and commitment to evolve and progress on this issue, and stop the weekly sometimes daily mass shootings in our streets.
We are at war with the NRA. We are at war with the senators and congress people who are on the payroll of the NRA (nearly all of the Republican Party) and deliberately pass laws to make guns easier to get and own, OR overtly and proudly prevent laws from passing to control gun violence in America.
The enemy uses every trick and strategy in the book to defeat us. They’re doing it now. As they always have. They deliberately mess with your mind. Do not let them. They are COUNTING ON your fear of speaking up. They are counting on appealing to your patriotism or “respect for those who have different viewpoints”. They want you to believe that “mass murders are just a different viewpoint”, that it’s THEIR RIGHT to defend guns and mass shootings.
They’ll tell you that guns are their right. It’s in the constitution. Just like slavery. Just like “negroes are only 3/5ths human”. Just like “the right to steal the land of and kill so called “Indians” (this is the ignorance we are battling). Just like women not having the right to vote.
Considering it’s despicable record on human rights, “American constitution” is the poorest excuse the enemy has to defend guns and mass killings, except the fact that they’re literally trying to defend GUNS AND MASS SHOOTINGS.
The enemy will tell you that “guns aren’t the cause. Evil is”. No one of a rational reasonable even semi-intelligent mind need respond to that level of idiocy.
The enemy will tell you that mental health is the cause of mass shootings and they want to improve it. But they don’t. They consistently defund it.
The enemy will tell you that we need to create schools more like prisons in the United States, with steel doors and armed guards (with more guns) at all the entrances, but NOT do anything about the guns.
The enemy is NOT our friend. They may be in our family. They may be part of our friends’ group. They may be our neighbor or go to our church. They may be “nice people”. But if they’re defending the mass proliferation of guns without laws or licenses or permits or background checks to buy or own them, they are NOT our friends. They are the enemy.
If they are voting for or donating money to senators or congress people who deliberately prevent gun laws to protect us, they are NOT our friends.
Be sad. This IS sad. It’s heartbreaking. But GET MAD. Do not be afraid. Do not be intimidated. Do not get sucked into “respectful debates about guns or gun laws” with these insane people. Those days are over.
If you are tired if you are sick if you are repulsed and disturbed and shaken to your core by the constant parade of mass shootings in the United States and believe we needed to do something about it decades ago, GET MAD, STAY MAD, TAKE ACTION. EVERY DAY.
We need to stop this madness. The reason we are at war is because the majority of us already know this. Do not be mislead. The enemy will continue to tell you you’re crazy for wanting gun laws until you’re kneeling in a street clutching your own murdered child. THAT is who they are.
They’ll tell you they’re “sorry” and offer you “their prayers” but advise you that “we can’t take away their rights to freely buy and own as many guns as they want to and they don’t want to be boggled down by laws”.
Do not listen to them. Do not debate with them. Do not believe you have some obligation to respect them. You ARE sane. The idea that you’re not just because you want to increase laws on gun control is extreme gaslighting. Don’t fall for it.
America is at war. This is Week Two. TAKE MORE ACTION. We will win this war the same way we won emancipation of black people, or women’s right to vote, or civil rights, or hate crime laws, or equal rights for LGBTQ or Black Lives Matter . We WILL win this one too ✊🏽.

Be Sad About Yet Another Mass Shooting. But STAY MAD and Take Action

May 27, 2022

Please find below a link (to PBS Newshour) that lists what every US senator proposes and “plans to do” to attempt to stop gun violence in America. Although not every senator has a plan — many didn’t even respond — it is a helpful launching pad to learn more about all the various Bills and proposals already out there to address this crisis.

I am 100% with you brother. I too grew up with our dad (retired naval officer, after two tours in Vietnam) taking us out to teach us gun safety and how to shoot every summer. Although it never grabbed me as a hobby, as it did with my brother, I have always appreciated the safety they provide one’s house and family.

With that said, that puts me a bit at odds with the second amendment… Because I see owning a gun as an imperative tool for a man or woman to protect themselves and their loved ones. (I admit i would feel unsafe for my family without a gun in the home.)

And I also appreciate those who want to go to ranges and practice and become an expert at shooting as an occupation or hobby. And even those who enjoy shooting as a sport. It is an actual sport. I get it. I’m not against those things.

(Although I must admit I feel morally inclined to be against humans “hunting” animals for sport. But that’s just me. It doesn’t make me “right”. Just my subjective viewpoint.)

But that’s where it ends with me. I think we’ve gone way too far, overboard. And if we started a massive project to destroy 99% of the guns in the country as other nations have done, then maybe I wouldn’t feel such a strong need to own a gun to feel safe.

It seems to me we have allowed our capitalist and political system to take way too much advantage of “the second amendment” and the more vulnerable people among us. To the point where guns and weapons are a hugely profitable business that nobody wants to give up, and because of it we have a legal system set up now so locked up in centuries of red tape and bureaucracy geared towards “free and easy guns for any and every one” to support that profit machine that it seems almost impossible to the average person to ever solve the crisis it’s created.

So everybody utters “thoughts and prayers” and expresses their sadness and grief, and then we move on. Because most feel completely victimized and immobilized by the apparent impossibility of solving the problem. It’s not that most Americans want free and easy guns floating all over the country. But we’re all aware that the industry is so big that 50-75% of elected civil servants need to accept the money in one form or another offered them from lobbyists representing “guns” and “the sacred second amendment”. Just as they do from every other industry lobbyist.

Hence the vital need for campaign finance reform in the US. That lobbyist system, forced upon us without our consent approval or desire for it, literally breeds the corruption and deceit we witness daily in American politics by (I believe) a few otherwise potentially moral people. But in the US civil servants aren’t elected because they’re good at their job or could be. They’re elected because they raised the most money. They have no choice. They know it. We know it. Because again, we feel trapped by and see no way out of yet another system we had no part in and no choice in its establishment, nor its continuance. We are enslaved by it.

Weekly mass shootings and the proliferation of more guns than American citizens in our country is just one of the countless atrocities we are forced to endure due to a corrupt and broken system deliberately created and perpetuated by greedy soulless monsters who were here long before us and are now gone. And yet there are plenty serving today who still wish to perpetuate this insanity.

I know we are all heartbroken and in shock over yet another mass shorting. But i would urge us all to not even allow ourselves to get any relief out of feeling sad or utter “thoughts and prayers” and instead keep the anger and fire alive inside of us in order to force us to take ACTIONS.

Because the only way we are going to solve THIS is the same way we always have, like ending slavery, or getting women the right to vote, or ending horrendous wars or stopping over zealous police from needlessly murdering black people. We have to refuse now to accept this ever happening again.

And we will do just that as soon as we recognize that there are way more of us than them, as soon as we take to the streets, start boycotting, civil disobedience, advertising campaigns, marches and rallies, international cooperatives that boycott and ban any companies responsible for being a part of the gun trade directly or indirectly, heckling and harassing both online and in person and at rallies every single politician who dares to open their mouths in support of continuing this madness. If we can do it with MeToo, then we can do it with murdering people.

(See how confused and distracted they have us with talk and discussion about “the second amendment” and bills and proposals and legislation…? We’re actually discussing if it’s even possible for our elected leaders to stop “murdering people” from being a daily part of our lives!!! We’ve become indoctrinated to believe that it’s an impossible task, that years need to be invested into “investigating how to prevent it” because we love and need our guns and we “have a right to them”. It’s mass psychosis.)

We need to make the elected and non elected leaders of this country finally come to terms with the fact that as a people we are DONE with this. We are done with them.

It has to be a MISSION. A full on peoples movement that doesn’t stop until we win.

What does winning mean exactly? Well the PBS article we read today does an excellent job of spelling it out. All the action items and bills that need to become laws are right there. No investigation needed.

I hate To say it, but this needs to get to the point where if a politician or even a neighbor or a friend or family member mentions something about “not wanting gun control” or wanting to “maintain their right to buy as many guns as they want to”, THAT needs to be treated as badly and punitively as uttering a racial slur or committing a hate crime or sexual abuse or any of the other things we have deemed as a society are no longer appropriate, desired or permitted in civil society. The time for patience and discussion is over.

We would never allow someone in todays world to say “faggot” or the N word. But we still let people waffle on gun control laws? Background checks? Licensing? All the while knowing that another mass shooting is around the corner because of this stalling tactic? All in the name of needing more time to debate or investigate.. or respect those who “want their rights”? Because it’s “in the constitution”..? That’s the same thing they said about slavery. Or about Native Americans. Or about women. The constitution was filled with downright barbarous monstrous things. And we endured that sh*t for hundreds of years. Those days are over now for the legal gun running disguised as “business” that causes the endless shameful parade of mass shootings we are forced to endure every week in the US.

We need to make examples of every single person who still doesn’t get it. Immediately. In the moment. Just as we did in support of our LGBTQ friends. At some point we decided to stop debating and pandering and enduring, realizing those on the other side were either too old or too dumb or too heartless to get it and they never would. So we took action. We need to do that again now. Be sad, sure. But GET MAD. And stay mad. And let’s end this once and for all.


Studying God or The Divine Force From a Scientific Perspective

April 18, 2022

Hi Stephen.

        Listening to the sermon yesterday, even in the half awake state I was In for most of it, I could not help be reminded (remembering that you had indeed shared this with me 18 years ago when I first stumbled in) that we both not only “heard a voice” but heard the same words. “This is your home. You are home.” I also Remember quite clearly you telling me that plenty of others before and after you over the years had similar experiences…. 

          The implications, if we expand beyond the confines of the everyday and view it from a more empirical study perspective, seem to me to be enormous, deep, profound. I.E. what in the heck is going on there? If one leaves “religion” outside the door a few minutes to explore these supernatural events, looking for a solution, are we talking angels? Spirits? A Divine Force? The building is haunted? Something in the air that alters and confounds the participants’ mind? Some sort of psychoactive chemical…? 

          I probably lost you there. But listening to you so passionately relaying that story yesterday and hearing you speak of the exact same experience I had With the exact same words…. Boy has it had me contemplating…. From a more objective and scientific viewpoint.     

         Of course I’m also fine just chalking it up to “there’s a divine force dwelling inside that space and if you listen carefully and your heart is open, you can hear it.” 

Precisely Because it wasn’t just “the voice” that so captivated me that first day. It actually had more to do with the giant all encompassing feeling of love that swept over my physical body — I now describe it as similar to if i had taken 4-5 hits of Ecstasy (but I had Not) — accompanied by a flurry of voices whispering in both of my ears “this is God’s love. God loves you so much…” for a good 5 minutes. THAT was actually the first experience that i describe as “supernatural”. On a weekday no less. Alone in this giant though eerily quiet building.

         It would be hard to not return to the place for a service after experiencing something like that. Even if just out of scientific curiosity. 

         I am Working on an idea. I find it hard now, after hearing you share yesterday, to keep this private and just between us. We’re not just talking about “good vibes”. Nor are we speaking of any kind of standard religious dogma or indoctrination. It’s something altogether different. 

         And I’ll tell you this: if that can happen to someone like me, so thoroughly committed to intellectual purity, logic and reason and entirely not-religious, then there are many others who deserve the same experience and benefits. 

For the last 18 years I have Kept all of this very private due to how strongly people in arts letters academia and entertainment judge such things. But I’m done doing that. Hearing you relay yesterday the exact same experience that I had changed something in me. At once I suddenly Felt selfish for not speaking about it more often.

        Me doing that, withholding like that… often talking about Enlightenment and Consciousness Expansion in the public but never discussing “religious experiences”…. well it’s pretense. Out of resistance. It’s not AS genuine as one could be. I see that now. 

        It’s out of integrity in a way…. Being gifted with the knowledge of a specific power and withholding it from others out of resistance to being judged. It’s self concern with no concern for the health and well-being of others. 

That’s all I wanted to initially get across to you. 


        So how would i attempt to describe it? That’s the question…. If I were to attempt to communicate it to more logical rational people who normally don’t pay attention to such things….

         Something like “there appears to be another force in the universe in addition to gravity and electromagnetism and the nuclear forces. But this fifth force appears to have both consciousness and awareness, and an ability to communicate with other forms of consciousness, or at the very least with human consciousness. It can speak. And additionally it has the uncanny ability to alter consciousness through apparently subtle vibrational shifts…. 

        “Though we cannot be sure if this force is limited to just the earthly plane or if it does in fact permeate the entire universe like the other forces. 

        “For the sake of simplicity one could label it “the divine force” or “a divine force” since its primary function seems to be spiritual enlightenment of consciousness. Is it capable of other things? We don’t yet know. Can it be harnessed or put to use? Still unknown. 

         “But it is becoming extremely difficult to deny the existence of this force in the face of such blatant real world experiences of it. 

        “We need to be objectively studying this force in more Socratic and scientific methods on a more consistent and constant basis. The same way we studied gravity and the other forces. 

        “There is absolutely no reason for us to remain in the dark about this fifth force, blindly dismiss it as “beyond our grasp of understanding” and thus relegate it to the murky world of the supernatural or religious. That is a mistake in reason we are making. 

        “The sooner we recognize that the divine force can be studied scientifically just as any other force, the sooner we will have a better understanding of it and it’s possible benefits to humankind. 

        “An analogous subject would be the way astrology with all its myths and legends, false assumptions and fairy tales, slowly evolved into the more rational scientific study of astronomy. We find ourselves in a similar situation with this divine force. It is time to set the myths legends and religious ideologies aside for a more nobler pursuit of a scientific understanding of the divine.

        “Obviously the biggest obstacles to this goal have been created by how misused and abused the words “god” and “gods” have been over the last 7,000 years. So step one would be to just stop using those words in the scientific study of the divine force. All they do is confuse and muddy the subject being studied, bringing up peoples’ worst memories and fears about indoctrination and control. 

         “There is also a possibility that this fifth force may also be the grease that got the universe moving to begin with…. The awareness of awareness of all that is created matter and movement, just as awareness still does. Create both movement and matter that is. 

         “Now we’re in the domain of a priori…. But it is still a valid point all these centuries later. Awareness becomes aware of itself, becomes consciousness, and consciousness as it is always want to do begins to expand and create. First matter. Then movement. Shifting back and forth between consciousness and awareness…. It is not entirely out of realm of possibility. And in fact it’s easier to believe than the current scientific theory that “non-conscious matter just exploded out of nothing in a Big Bang and self created”. That seems a highly unlikely theory. We need both awareness and consciousness to create. We know this now.” 

Gotta go. More later.

We Are Now Very Quickly Connecting With Each Other In Consciousness —Beyond the Realms of “Psychically”

February 12, 2022

So last night just before bed, I sat down with the Guild D-15M just to mess around a little with the new open tuning.
After a while, I had found something relatively engaging snd began fleshing it out. Knowing full well it’s still in its infancy stage, I thought “you know, people might enjoy seeing a more natural you in your element doing what you do. No lights or cameras or hair or makeup. Just you sitting here at the end of the day fleshing out a new tune….” So I just recorded it with the phone to say hello and good night to folks.
The whole time I was playing/writing THIS song, I was thinking about my longtime friend more like a brother Craig Gordon, who’s just been over the top sick for years. These thoughts snd images of him, probably laying in bed, none too happy, were the thematic foundation of the song. Underneath it….
So I started leaning toward titling it “everybody needs a little healing”.
Because let’s face it, it’s not just Craig. Somethings changed in our world. Each of us, all of us, have an exorbitant amount of people we know in our personal lives who are “sick” from something now. Friends snd family alike. In this moment.
It’s become challenging now, a new challenge, our latest challenge, even if you’re physically challenged by something yourself, or healthy and well, to deal with how many “people who are sick” we know or hear about every day or few days.
Hence the title of the song. Craig was the vision floating through my mind as I played and wrote the song. The impetus. He titled it. And yet it was bigger….
Posted the song to the usual places. Was exhausted. Just wanted that bed. And BAM I look at my phone snd there’s this new message. At midnight (which admittedly isn’t strange for ME…) but it’s from Craig, who’s an early bird. “In the ER again now”.
I literally dropped the damn phone. Hold on…. I’m writing a song of healing about this poor guy who’s been sick for the last hour, and for the last hour he’s been in the ER?!?!
What’s funny is that — and this is another thing that’s changed in our collective reality — this stuff happens to us all the time now. It’s not just daily. It’s several times a day.
(I believe, at least in this moment) that as we’ve become more snd more connected socially through technology, it is causing us to become more connected in consciousness. What we used to perhaps call “psychically”. But we don’t need that term anymore. We’re just becoming a lot more connected in consciousness to everyone.
Things like ESP or mind reading all seem so 20th century now, because we’ve gone beyond it now. Shooting for something much bigger snd grander. We’re experiencing it NOW. So there’s no need to say “can’t wait to see what it leads to…). It’s happening as we speak, as I type these words….
Craig ole boy, we need you back. NO, we can’t imagine what you’re going through or how tough or challenging it is emotionally or mentally, besides physically. But we can acknowledge it.
And we can keep you on our minds 24/7 and send you strength snd support and positivity snd a whole lot of prayers. And we can write soothing songs of love and healing for you. Get well bro.
Love you man,

Is Time Moving Faster Now?

February 7, 2022

Re our earlier convo about things moving faster… (if not “time”, as time is merely a symbolic measurement of movement. Movement of mass(es) and energy/ies), it is only appearing to be moving faster now than before, the primary reasons have become so common that they’re transparent to us, the reasons… “Having to continue to refine what I want to put my attention on” is another one of those symptoms….. just ten to twenty and definitely thirty years ago we didn’t have to do that. No access to “a lot” going on, due to no technology. So we lived very local lives.

It’s not that there is more going on now than back then. There’s not. Back then was also intense snd crazy. WE want to believe “now is more intense”…. But 1963-1972 was INTENSE in ways we couldn’t even imagine…. So was WW II, the Roaring Twenties, The Spanish Flu, WW I, the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, etc. Etc.

It’s just that with the advent of technology that everyone has access to — even a little kid in Central America or africa or Siberia etc has easy access to EVERYTHING going on all over the world all the time.

In the 7,000 years of recorded human history, this is just a brand new 20 year change in how we’re living. For better or worse.

So yeah suddenly you’re actually having to focus on, think about, contemplate “what i put my attention on”…. Totally new phnom for humans…..

AND then having inner debates dialogues and arguments about it and to be primary about “being okay that my attention ended up elsewhere…”. (Of course it did!)

NOW we really do live in a world where two older not-yet-true adages have become true: “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Now our attention is LED by whatever is the loudest in the moment. Not by the most important. (In fact usually the least important. Just the LOUDest.)

And 2, “in the future everyone will get to be famous. At least for 15 minutes or so”. Except he was off about the 15 minutes….. now it’s about the amount of time of a TikTok or a Story or a Reel. So about 30 seconds to 2 minutes, someone or something can have its moment of fame or notoriety.

Now five to ten once-very famous snd beloved people can pass away or die in 4 days and we can totally miss it. Let alone have any time to grieve or mourn their loss. Not only was their no “time” to mourn, but our attention never even noticed that they passed! It’s a SURREAL phenomenon…. how that’s the latest symptom of this new trend.

And this debating or sometimes even being mad at one’s self because our attention went somewhere we didn’t want it to — i.e. to the loudest thing in society that hour. Is another such symptom. Everything moving at such a rapid pace. Makes it feel like “time is moving faster”.

BUT I really like what Ted said snd everyone added to…. This idea of stopping it, taking time to meditate, relax, organize snd Declutter. So we CAN ignore the loudest stuff snd focus in on what we actually want to.

Become a better curator for our OWN attention. And fuck what everyone else is saying is “important”.

Im not usually taken by any of that. I’m an avid poster on multiple platforms who doesn’t ever read visit or scroll through the platforms themselves…. Very focused on what I snd PLT and the girls snd fam are doing and attempting to achieve, and not much else, except taking care of friends snd family (this now has become very very important to me. Not sure why. Giving supporting caring reaching out helping others I care about or even who I dont even know….).

But Now that you said it, I’m going to be on the lookout for it. If we get better control over that, more magic can be made, more preferred manifestations, more deliberate delightful surprises. (Mikey’s magic phrase).

Love you guys. SO SO much. Alignment, listening, sharing, tolerance, open mindedness, mutual support… all the things that seem to define what this group is turning into…. Are blessed gifts. We are way freaking blessed.