The Transcendence Manifesto

Ed Hale with American flag in New York

The Transcendence Manifesto

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United State of Transcendence

And to the Republic of Freedom for which it stands

I will wage love, not war

I will fight for what I believe in but harm no one

I will think and be peace

But not let it prevent me

From fighting injustice

 And disarming those who perpetrate it knowingly or unknowingly

I will run wild through the streets

Celebrating the glory of being alive

I will lend a helping hand

Not only when it is convenient but when it is needed

I will not believe the hype

I will accept my divine right to accept my divine rights

I will glow in the dark and light up the sky

With a passion so bright that enlightens all who can see hear feel or breathe

I will continue to thrive
To be even more

With each passing day

I will reuse repurpose and recycle

Even when it is a pain in the ass

I will do my best to uphold the most noble of goals

Those of freedom beauty truth love and art

I will fight the powers that be

I will start my own private revolution

Expect nor demand no one to join

But welcome them when they do


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Republic of Transcendence

I will respect no establishment unless I agree with its establishment

I will question authority

Even my own

Especially my own

I will just say no to a new world order

Unless it is of my own design

I will promote causes and charities that I believe in

I will stand up for issues that I believe in

And if I get knocked down, I will stand up again

And brush the dirt off my shoulders

I will run naked through the streets reciting poetry and singing my favorite songs

For the sheer reckless joy of wild abandonment that comes from being aware and alive


I will eat pray and love ravenously but healthily

I will worship humanity

As well as Divinity whenever I encounter it

I will give when I can

And then give a little more

I will take only what is mine to take and nothing more

I will share when I can

And then share a little more

I will not feel guilty

I will not feel guilty when I do feel guilty

I will not go quietly into that good night

But rage and thrash until my last breath

And then fully expect to resurrect

I will acknowledge and honor the God-like nature of myself and others

And the miracle of being alive

I will accept responsibility for everything that happens to me

I will fully expect others to do the same

I will not give away my power nor the power of others to imaginary forces

Dreamed up by the fearful or maniacal minds of a few

I will respect the differences of others around me

Even if it makes me feel uncomfortable


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United State of Transcendence

I will laugh often at The Media

Even when it is not turned on

I will mute the commercials

Shun corporate bullshit

Refuse to suck the corporate cock

Of societal norms and rules I had no hand in creating

Unless I consciously decide I agree with them

I will blow the roof off the mutha every chance I get

I will help more people than Mother Theresa

Or at least die trying

I will not blame others when I create difficulty in my life

I will sing like Pavarotti

Write like Oscar Wilde

Or at least Shakespeare

Shake like Elvis
Move like Jagger

Dance like Prince
And love like there’s no tomorrow


I will accept the fact that I am a sexy bastard

Because it emanates from within

I will see the beauty that is all around me

I will commit random acts of kindness

And will equally commit random acts of anarchy
To disrupt the status quo

Recognizing that the status quo has never been that great to begin with

I will have sex with whomever I want

Whenever I want

However I want to

Be they man woman or both

As long as it’s consensual

I will stop pretending that I believe that Columbus discovered America

Or that the Catholic Church is anything

But a thinly disguised Empire

Or that there is such a thing as royalty

I will respect and defend women’s right to choose

I will respect other people’s sexual preferences

No matter how it may occasionally freak me out

I will give a big fuck you salute to those among us

Who are still ignorant enough to be homophobic racist sexist or intolerant


I will demand the truth from our civil servants

Who mistakenly believe they are politicians

I will demand that they remember and acknowledge that they work for me and mine

I will demand that they remember and acknowledge that they are not “in power”

But instead are hired hands whose job it is to wield our power

I will hunt down and vote out the liars thieves opportunists and corrupt

Even if that means none are left

I will protect and defend the environment

I will go green stay green and live green

Even when it’s a downright pain in the ass

I will not be politically correct

Because I do not believe in politics

I will “just say no” to mindless consumerism

And the mass commercialization of everything around me

I will become my own celebrity

And stop giving attention to people who give nothing

But repackaged products and ideas to make themselves richer

I will take mainstream media with a grain of salt

I will give them even less

I will hunt down alternative sources for news and information

I will expect the best for myself and for everyone around me


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United State of Transcendence

I will fight to the death for what I believe in

Not for what I am told to believe in

I will do my best to rid my mind of and help wipe from the face of the earth

All forms of sexism, racism, chauvinism, looksism, moneyism, ageism and any other isms that are not good for me or those around me

I will live eat sleep and breathe art for its own sake

I will paint my life as I want to see it

I will live the life of my dreams

And help others do the same

I will rebel when I have to

I will cry when I need to

I will laugh when I want to

I will love more and more each day

And then love some more

I will wage war on those who put religious or patriotic dogma above peace justice or reverence for life

I will pretend that I am God until I wake up one day and realize that I am God

I will not sleep my life away

I will remember to think

I will remember to feel

I will remember to breathe

I will stay aware


I pledge allegiance to the United State of Transcendence

I will march on Washington like Dr. Martin Luther King

Wear my hair like Don King

And spit on the ground beneath anyone who claims to be a King

I will roar like a lion

Make love like Don Juan

And come back like Rocky

I will float like a butterfly and sting like a bee

And have more style than Issey Miyakee

I will not the let the bastards drag me down

I will not do the Macarena

I will not go clubbing

I will not go have a beer

I will laugh when someone says ‘that’s just the way it is’

I will climb every mountain

I will whistle while I work

I will rise and shine

I will be here now

For as surely as I will be here later

Blessed be


Nod nod wink wink

©2002, 2008, 2018 by Ed Hale