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Everything Is Cohesive – Ed Hale & The Transcendence Documentary
(3 Videos)

Journey of Dreams documentary about the musical group Ed Hale and the Transcendence that follows the band around on tour and in the studio that aired on public television in 2004 just before the release of their new CD Nothing is cohesive. Takes a look at past albums and individual band members share stories. Featuring interviews with the band and live footage.

Features band members Ed Hale – vocals and guitar, Fernando Perdomo – lead guitar, Roger Houdaille – bass, Allan Gabay – keyboards, Bill Sommer – drums, Ricardo Mazzi – drums.

Featuring the songs Dreams, Caetano, Sleep With You, You and Me, Jelly Roll, Veronica, Beautiful One, I’m not the only one, I wanna know ya and more.


Playlist: Transcendent Television starring Ed Hale (4 videos)

5, 10 and 15 minute trailers for the TV show Transcendent Television starring Ed Hale, lead singer of the rock band Transcendence. A look at the world through the eyes and perspective of Generation X exploring current events, modern culture, religion, spirituality, politics, science, environmentalism, activism, and much more.
Produced by Polar Productions in association with Transcendent Media Group LLC.
Edited by Charlotte Rademakers of Spinning Films Inc

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ED HALE AND THE TRANSCENDENCE – The Rise And Shine CD Release Concert


Playlist: Ed Hale Skits Sketches Performance Art and Video Blogs (71 videos)


In 2006, the author of the Transcendence Diaries — sometimes known as Fishy or Tobias Guess — disappeared, or better put, stopped posting here in the Diaries. It wasn’t immediately clear why. In the meantime, singer-songwriter Ed Hale, being caught up in the filming of the new TV show Transcendent Television, began to get obsessed with YouTube, specifically using it as a new vehicle for blogging on his Transcendent Television YouTube channel. In 2011, the proverbial cat escaped from the bag and it was formally revealed that Ed Hale was indeed the author of the Transcendence Diaries. And hence the extended absence of newly written Diaries posts in the years 2006 to 2007 herein was explained. Hale went on YouTube as Ed Hale the recording artist and was excited about the new medium. But he did not want to reveal that he was the author of the Transcendence Diaries. So the two were separate entities and not connected in any way. Until now. Ed Hale recorded and uploaded nearly 100 video blogs to YouTube during that one year period. Along with an additional 100 new songs he was writing. So We’ve created a playlist that features all of the video uploads that could logically be said to be “blogs”, because in reality they really do belong here and always did.

Some caution might be noted here: though Ed Hale never held back from saying whatever he thought or felt when he was writing in the Diaries, and still doesn’t, which for some may be one of the more appealing aspects of the project, that same approach has a different tone when it is translated to video and the spoken word. It may be prudent to advise that some of the material could for some be offensive. Or not. But it’s been said at least. Bear in mind that some of these entries go back a good fifteen years, and that The Ambassador is often joking around, except when he’s not (that distinction should be obvious). He’s experimenting with a new medium and its potentialities, 99% of the time he’s riffing in real time with no script, just as he does in the Transcendence Diaries. If something seems offensive or too politically incorrect or just too long, skip it.


Ed Hale and Nahal Mishel-Ghashghai — Bed Peace for Gaza

How can we celebrate New Years Eve with respect for the recent violence and various humanitarian crises happening around the world? The Bed Peace 2008 project, featuring Ed Hale and Nahal Mishel-Ghashghai, a live performance art project for PEACE — acknowledging and paying homage to the anniversary of John and Yoko’s original event 40 years ago this year, and addressing modern times. What can we do in four days and nights if we focus 100% on creating more peace in the world? Let’s give it a try and see! During this critical time others are encouraged to take their own actions and post their own projects for peace to help spread the message. P E A C E is possible.


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Playlist: Videos of New Songs Log (23 videos)

YouTube Playlist of on-going series of Ed Hale working out new songs roughly recorded here and there as they come and then posted to YouTube. Usually under-rehearsed and too soon after they were written. But a cool thing. Definitely a good way to keep track of songs that might get away for future use, and good reference for the tuning and chords used.


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