World War III Watch – Week Of April 14, 2023

April 17, 2023

:: BREAKING :: April 20, 2023 10:36 am Nicaragua president Daniel Ortega appeared on a televised interview on COMBATE in Nicaragua today. What he said was no surprise to regular readers of these pages. But to the rest of the world, it came as quite a shock at first. And yet what was so surprising were just how many people once they viewed it, declared how much sense it actually makes. The realization is awakening in mass consciousness so quickly ….

Nicaragua President DANIEL ORTEGA: “World War III is already underway. This is World War III. Why? Because it is the United States and Europe using Ukraine to seek how to disappear Russia. The same thing that happened in World War II… and the first troops that entered the bunker then in Germany were the troops of the Soviet Union. They were the first to enter. In other words, the victory, the great defeat and the victory of the peoples rested on the Russian people, on the Red Army, on the Soviet people. And now we are seeing the same story…

The Russian Federation is fighting a battle for peace. It’s not against a nation. It’s against the fascists, the Nazis who staged a coup d’état there in Ukraine and settled there. It’s Hitler’s children who are ruling there… meanwhile, NATO harassing Russia with more weapons, more bases, and the United States leading the orchestra of international terrorists…”

APOCALYPSE VOW —Ukraine Joining NATO ‘Guaranteed’ to Start World War III, Russian Official Says

“The war in Ukraine is “guaranteed” to escalate into World War III if Kyiv is allowed to join NATO, a Russian Security Council official said Thursday. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a surprise announcement that he had made a fast-track bid for membership into the military alliance just hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed almost a fifth of Ukrainian territory on Sept. 30. All of NATO’s 30 members would have to approve Ukraine’s bid, making full membership of the defense group a long way off. “Kyiv is well aware that such a step would mean a guaranteed escalation to World War III,””

BREAKING :: U.S. Treasury’s Yellen Says U.S. China Relationship Is Clearly At A ‘Tense Moment’

EXCLUSIVE —- Pakistan makes its first purchase of discounted Russian oil —-

“The U.S. dollar historically has been the currency of oil trade, but the Ukraine war has eroded its dominance as Russia avoids receiving a currency it has been largely blocked from using by Western sanctions.”

Well, we knew this. Or at least thought we did. And it’s turning out to be true. It doesn’t take much observation to see that neither the millennial federation nor Gen Z have any interest in suddenly turning patriotic, donning some itchy uniforms and traveling great distances to defend America’s strange form of capitalism-gone-wild-but-let’s-still-call-it-democracy half way around the world. One too many Vietnam movies for them. One too many “Iraq has WMDs” for them. And far too much desire to appear to be an Influencer or go viral or be a reality TV star or be a TikTok star or smoke a blunt for 15 minutes. Likes and Views baby do not demand serving in a military.

And then there’s this. An expose’ about how the United States still spends more than every other nation on earth combined on continuing to build up its military. Nothing new there. The problem? It’s an old fashioned, large, clunky, antiquated military better suited to the 20th century. Already the U.S. and it’s various infrastructure is being bombarded by cyberattacks on a near daily basis to which it is completely unable to defend itself against. And that’s during, ostensibly, peacetime. Imagine if these foes continued their attacks as this quickly growing lead up to WW III were to heat up even more, which they will. The risk, the one that everyone in the world seems to see — especially America’s ever expanding enemies — except the bigwigs hiding behind the big doors who seem to be controlling everything in the US of A, is that Russia or China or Iran or any of the other countries now firmly entrenched in the New Communist Alliance will sit 2-3 capable 14 year old tech geniuses down in a little room, perhaps in Cuba or Venezuela, and order them to “take out all the major power grids in the US, along with their water mains and internet just for fun, and the American military response will be to roll out a battalion or two of tanks and a few thousand infantry men. And as funny as this hyperbolic image is, it’s also deeply sad and troubling because of just how true it rings in the hearts and minds of the few left with their wits still about them or smart enough to get it. After the Great Dumbing Down America went through as a side effect of the self-demolition of the Republican Party and their naked criminal-mastermind of an emperor, Donald Trump, it is hard to fathom that there are many. Americans of course won’t notice any of this because they’ll be far too busy hypnotized by their Netflix or their Super Bowl or their $500 a seat Taylor Swift concert or their TikTok. You know, as we write this this evening I can still remember the foolhardy comments I received four years ago when I stated i would never be so naïve and short sighted as to download TikTok onto my own phone nor let my kids do it and at the same time suggested what a genius move it was strategically for China to attack the United States so transparently right out in the open through an app, placed right into the greedy grubby hands of every American absolutely free. How many friends replied with snide or sarcastic remarks such as “yeah right, because the Chinese think I’m so important they want to spy on ME…”. Well that mission has been accomplished. We could write a small book on all the damage that “little app” has already put the country in; but much more importantly it’s about what a ticking time bomb it was set up to be and how now that it’s made the rounds through every digital nook and cranny of the entire populace, corporation, organization and government office it’s fully prepared to achieve any number of the countless nefarious missions China planned for it. Pure bloody genius. The bigger picture here is less about the impending global super-conflict heating up, and more about who the winners and losers are going to be, and given the context and data we now possess, just how completely ill-prepared the United States is for it.

From TIME Magazine :: America’s Military Is Unprepared for Our Age of Advanced Technology — Equipped to face the threats of yesterday, our military needs to reform to keep us safe from the threats of tomorrow —-

For current readers of the Diaries, specifically the new series, World War III Watch, the release of this new article in The Nation today should feel like vindication. For it is. As it very accurately echos everything this writer has been saying here for over six months. Though with a few glaring differences. They are taking a much more conservative approach to the events we’ve been witnessing than I have. They also seem to be operating under the misconception that president Joe Biden “has committed” the United States to anything, let alone “a four-front global crusade”. For those that have seen or heard Joe Biden anytime in the last year or two, it is clear that’s simply not possible. Physically, not possible. They’re also presupposing that the United States is somehow in charge of this current impending global military conflict. Probably because they’re accustomed to the US being at the forefront of most large scale global conflagrations — it’s probably not occurred to them that the United States is in the backseat on this one. At best going for a ride, albeit not driving, not choosing the destination, not giving directions and in the backseat. At worst they’re in the trunk, being taken for a ride by enemies who want nothing less for them than the end of their superpower status forever.

I’ve been writing about this, first bubbling, now obvious & ever-growing story, in a series called World War III Watch in the Transcendence Diaries for 6 months. I disagree w the notion that “none of these threaten the well-being of Americans”. @evangershkovich comes to mind. ‬

Yet more poking at the Russian Bear by the West with yet even more dangerous, disturbing and completely unnecessary events. The sovereign nation of Russia, one of the oldest conti

Russian foreign minister visits Latin America —- Russia is moving fast now in their travels around the world to collect both more new countries, and some longtime allies such as Cuba and Venezuela, for the New Communist Alliance they seem to be forming with now-seemingly global Head Honcho, China. No longer afraid or intimidated by the once mighty United States, both countries are on a mission to force those lines in the sand and see where everyone stands. America and a deflated Europe suddenly appear small, with the EU battling persistent inflation and weaker global influence, and the United States seemingly constantly battling itself in a strange Cold War Civil War. China and Russia know this is their time if there’s ever going to be one. Details in article below:

Sergey Lavrov spent Monday in Brasilia, where recently elected President “Lula” Da Silva has already irked Washington by both-sidesing the Ukraine war and refusing to sell weapons to Kyiv.

For Russia, it’s no small thing that one of the world’s largest democracies is at least sympathetic to the Kremlin’s version of the Ukraine story. The fact that Russia exports lots of fertilizer to Brazil’s powerful farm industry probably helps.

Lula, meanwhile, has long sought to carve out a role as a leader of the Global South, where many view the faraway Ukraine war chiefly through the lens of food and energy price inflation and are skeptical of American arguments about defending democracy or the “rules-based order.” Still, he has to tread carefully – osgringos are Brazil’s largest foreign investors and key partners on Lula’s climate change agenda.

While Lavrov thanked Lula for his support, the White House, in a tough rebuke, accused the Brazilian president of “parroting Russian and Chinese propaganda without at all looking at the facts.”

After Brasilia, Lavrov will visit old Kremlin comrades in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. All are countries where US sanctions have enabled Russia to gain significant footholds in energy, arms sales, and general “rogue-state” bonhomie.

But beyond that, Russia lags well behind the region’s two major external players: China and the US. See our GT below for more.

But it’s not as simple as that. America is still the economic super power in Latin America, by leaps and bounds. See the Eurasia Group article and graphic below.

Amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russia is on a mission to shore up support wherever it can – particularly among rogue and non-aligned states. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is currently jet-setting across Latin America in a bid to rally support for Moscow’s war effort and send a message to the Americans about its own inroads in the region. But when push comes to shove, Moscow has minimal economic clout in Latin America compared to Washington, resulting in less diplomatic leverage. We take a look at Latin American states’ trade ties with the US and Russia.

FBI arrests two alleged Chinese agents and charges dozens with working inside US to silence dissidents —-

World War III Watch — Week Of April 10, 2023

April 11, 2023

It was a fast-paced, busy week of world affairs and events leading up to a potential mass global military conflict, or at the very least and more easily recognizable, a major pivot from the United States to China as the worlds new superpower. (This is important in the larger scope of World War III Watch because the United States cannot afford to not be the worlds leading superpower. Literally. Due to their astronomical debt, the largest one in human history, their staggering Debt/GDP ratio, that statistically is and will be impossible to ever get out of withOUT a war (that they must win) and the now suddenly very real possibility that the US dollar will no longer be “the worlds reserve currency”, one can be sure that behind every closed door in America’s over-inflated government, the main topic of discussion is how to maintain a shred of decency as the world pivots to China as its new leader, punctuated by declarations that this simply cannot stand because the country cannot afford it, with surely plenty of quiet suggestions that “we all know what we must do now…”.)

What has held up the United States for decades as the worlds superpower in the face of the financially bankrupt state it’s been in, is two-fold: the power, might and sheer massive size of its military, plus the shocking number of military bases and black ops sites it has all over the world — over 1500 at last count, 3 times the number of the second most, Russia, and #2, the dominance of the U.S. Dollar, or “the Petrodollar” so named because of the forcibly mandatory rule that all nations on planet earth must use the US Dollar to conduct its business in the energy sector, to buy or sell OIL. Without these two painful facts for the rest of the world, the United States would have ceased being the leading superpower decades ago. There are plenty of other countries who have their fiscal house in order and are even running surpluses rather than record setting debt, with less corruption and much happier citizenry. For all the patriotic speak, mainly from the slave states (now referring to themselves as “red states”), Americans, as can be seen from any viewpoint anywhere in the world, are extremely unhappy. Especially with their government. So too are the majority of world leaders regarding the American government. Unhappy displeased disappointed discouraged disgusted delightfully gleeful about how quickly the house is crumbling. Even with concentration camps, communism and slave labor, other countries are lining up to form alliances with China simply because they appear to be strong, have clearly stated realizable goals in front of them and have their house in order.

AND because, unlike the United States, who is as corrupt and duplicitous as any other empire on earth but pretends it’s God’s gift to freedom fairness and Justice when it clearly isn’t. Whereas China doesn’t back away from being upfront about who it is. Corrupt and murderous? Sure. Like every other country in the world today. But they don’t hide it. They defend their being so and the reasons why. But they don’t pretend to be something they are not.

America has been doing this “believe what we say not what we do” dance for decades. And to many other countries, this charade is beginning to smell bad, especially in the new millennium.

Where else are the people and even the government itself willing to elect a highly suspect, piggish and pathologically narcissistic, ludicrously ignorant and criminal thug who giddily incites violence and treasonous government overthrows at the drop of a hat for president? In America it is something the people are killing themselves fighting over. In the rest of the world it is something the people shake their head in shock over. Or laugh about. The truth is, America, in the state it’s in now, doesn’t deserve to be the worlds leading superpower.

As the CNN article below details, leaders from nations all over the globe are flocking to Beijing to meet with and pay their respects to China president Xi Jinping, seeing him as the world’s new de facto leader, a spot once held only for American Presidents since the end of World War II. But times have changed. No one is lining up to pay homage to or kiss the ring of Gentle Joe Biden, no matter how civil, respectable or noble the man is. It is sad that this landed at his feet in the last few years of his life. One of the most major and important transformations in modern history, one that Gentle Joe is clearly not adept enough to handle now. And his VP, well there probably isn’t a soul on earth who wants to even see her try.

So the question remains. Will the United States allow China and Russia and this New Communist Alliance to take over? Or will the military step in and force a war as they’ve done so many times in the past in order to try to maintain America’s global dominance? The answer is yet to come. Article directly below:

World leaders are lining up to meet Xi Jinping. Should the US be worried?

As has been stated numerous times throughout the last 100 years, without the US Dollar being the (albeit mandatory) “worlds reserve currency, the United States would be truly bankrupt — as it is already, the only difference being that it is still able to pull off the “superpower” charade due to every country in the world being forced to use the U.S. dollar for energy, oil and other trade purchases. That and it’s military might. In other words, in both cases, the threat of military action by the most militarily powerful country in human history. A few articles from just this week, below, follow this quickly unfolding story,,,

JUST RELEASED: One Hour Ago, Russia’s Terrifying Message To The USA. Russia’s Foreign Ministry Claimed Today That The USA and Russia Are Now Formally In “a Hot Phase Of a Cold War” and Urges The U.S. to Re-Start Some Kind Of Dialogue Before It Is Too Late. But the United States and NATO Are Not Interested In Any Kind Of Peace Talks. —- This is what is being heard in government houses all over the world at this time. Watch video below for more….

BREAKING :: CHINA, RUSSIA TO EXPLORE FREE TRADE FEASIBILITY: CHINA Ministry of Foreign Affairs —- China and Russia affirm economic cooperation for the next several years —

And this: Russia and China are being driven together as the chasm with the West deepens

Chinese Foreign Minister Meets With Taliban Leaders On First Visit To Kabul Since Militant Group Seized Power From United States

So let’s get this straight: the United States government spent 20 years, hundreds of billions of dollars and unknown numbers of American soldiers who lost their lives or are permanently wounded or maimed to accomplish nothing except to secure a permanent position of power for the Taliban in Afghanistan. In the end Afghanistan is now more free for the authoritarian Taliban to own the country outright since the U.S. did all their dirty work for them, i.e. swept and cleaned out the county of and and all potential resistance groups. China, the largest wealthiest authoritarian nation on earth, sees the opening and has begun to court the Taliban leaders of Afghanistan with support, access, resources, infrastructure and money, seeing an opportunity to bring them into the fold of the New Communist Alliance they’re forming — a wildly successful mission that they’re moving on and making tremendous progress with at an alarmingly fast rate, while the United States is sadly still courting little broken former empires of the 20th century. Shockingly short sighted. An alliance of any kind between China and Afghanistan will be beneficial for both countries. And disadvantageous for the United States and other Western nations. And how will China fund this new venture? Well besides the aforementioned hundreds of billions the United States unwittingly contributed to China’s becoming the new big brother to Afghanistan through its 20 years long war there, 100% of the necessary funds going forward will come from the hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars China gets from the U.S. every year. America has become completely dependent on China economically and financially. Whether it’s the billions China makes from the US housing the majority of its manufacturing there (talk of onshoring or reshoring manufacturing back to the United States is just that, talk. Very cheap talk. Nothing but bread and candy politicians throw out to the unknowing working classes during political campaigns and rallies. Bringing manufacturing back to the US would bankrupt the already bankrupt Country in less than a year. Besides the insane amount of money China makes from the United States through selling its manufacturing and slave labor, China also provides the United States with its largest consumer base for American companies who simply couldn’t stay in business and do well without the Chinese consumers. China knows this. And they use it to their own benefit and to the detriment of the U.S. Even subtle and slight manipulations of what America is allowed to export and sell to chinese consumers has a major affect on the bottomline of America’s largest companies. And China knows this. So as China and Russia continue to build up both their war chest for what they see is an already very hot Cold War with the West, and the ever increasing number of nations joining their New Communist Alliance, ironically it’s the United States who are footing the bill for it all.

And this: A Year After Taliban Takeover, What Are China’s Plans For Afghanistan? —


The below of course is total bullshit. There are plenty of alternatives to Ukraine joining NATO. Like Ukraine NOT joining NATO and neimging us one step closer to WW III. Putin has already expressed his opposition to being surrounded by NATO countries on all sides of his borders. Which is one of his stated reasons for invading Ukraine— that and getting access to all their energy machinery which has been stored there for decades. Why the blatant disrespect for Russia’s sovereignty? With Finland already now joining NATO to cover Russia’s northern border, does anyone think Russia is going to just lie down and accept being surrounded by NATO country’s without a fight? Would the United States? Of course not. It’s time the US and EU started leveling with its people about what’s really going on here, what’s at stake, and more importantly stopped all this nonsense. And Zelensky and Ukraine need to start fighting their own battles.

Putin’s Russia, Xi Jinping’s China Reportedly In Secret Talks To Supply Iran With Sanctioned Missile Fuel —-

And there it is (below). In one of the many steps the world has helplessly witnessed towards China taking Taiwan back after all these years, as many as possible disclosed in these pages, newswires just announced China will start imposing No Fly Zones just north of Taiwan starting on April 16, 2023. Clearly a response to the United States hosting a high ranking Taiwanese leader to come to the US and meet with various politicians. Was it a mistake for the United States to make such a paper tiger move considering it can’t even get its own house in order? Unless they aren’t telling us all something(s), which has been their modus operendi for time immemorial so a caveat on this one, yes clearly it was a huge mistake. It played right into China’s hands and plans re Taiwan and gave them the perfect reason and ammunition they needed to take all the actions they have against Taiwan that we’ve seen over the last two weeks in ostensible retaliation for said trip.

Discussed in the first post on the subject matter, Fractional Reserve Banking + the United States having the largest debt in human history at over 20 trillion dollars + the largest budget in history now topping 1 trillion + one of the highest Debt/GDP ratios on planet earth + other large nations, some of whom are part of the New Communist Alliance, working feverishly to undermine and usurp the U.S. dollar from being the world’s most popular and reserve currency = a very important aspect of an impending potential global military conflict. More in the video below:

Although not specifically evidentiary to an impending global military conflict, Myanmar, or Burma, has been a concern for many for a decade as it so easily illustrates the intense struggle humanity still faces between a world of democracy, fairness, justice and human rights or one shaped by military juntas, communism, dictatorships and authoritarianism.

Myanmar Military Attack —- At least 50 people, including civilians, were killed in central Myanmar early Tuesday after the nation’s military junta launched an airstrike on an antigovernment ceremony outside the city of Mandalay, the nation’s second-largest. Members of the People’s Defense Force—the armed wing of the opposition, prodemocracy National Unity Government—were opening a local office in Pa Zi Gyi village when fighter jets attacked.

Myanmar—also known as Burma—has been fighting one of the world’s longest-running civil wars, a conflict driven by the country’s nearly 100 ethnic minorities (see background). Despite a brief period of multiparty democracy last decade, a coup in 2021 returned the southeastern Asian country to military rule, prompting lawmakers from jailed civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s party to form an alternative government, which today reportedly controls almost half of the country’s territory. 

The junta has promised to hold elections in August of this year after extending a February 2021 state of emergency for the third time.

Fareed Zakaria makes mention of the New Cold War the world has found itself in, a fact that most people still don’t understand or recognize. I take it one step further obviously and have a feeling we’re just getting started. A new world order is in already deep in transition from western forces to the New Communist Alliance, but it won’t happen without a fight.

In a deal that was the United States’ to broker under normal circumstances in times past, China now takes the lead in today’s world…

Not “directly” related to a massive global military conflict A to B per se, unless you’ve been reading these pages closely of course. Then it makes perfect sense. As with all global empires and superpowers throughout human history, the United States amassed an enormous debt, in fact the largest one the world has ever seen in 6,000 years of recorded history; so big in fact that it has been unable to run the business of its government or the nation itself without doing so from a HUGE budget deficit every year. Put simply the United States of America is broke. Not just broke but busted. Bankrupt. Destitute. More so than any other country on planet earth. The only things keeping it going are two: 1. The fact that it’s currency the US Dollar or USD was corruptly forced upon the world and every country in it to be “the world’s currency”, i.e. other nation states are forced to use their own currencies to BUY US dollars in order to buy or sell energy and oil. Incipient? Definitely. But very beneficial for Americans. The ——

World War III Watch — The Weekend

April 10, 2023


And now Europe talking about getting away from the US Dollar, more bad news for the United States…. Macron says that Europe must reduce dependence on US Dollar

Russia switching to “scorched Earth” tactics in Bakhmut, Ukrainian commander says

Israel launched strikes against Syrian military targets after several rockets were fired from Syria, the Israeli military said

Jordan warns Israel of ‘catastrophic consequences’ if al-Aqsa mosque stormed again.

US Navy sails near South China Sea island militarized by China

China responds to a US ship sailing through the South China Sea amid Beijing’s tensions with Taiwan and calls them dangerously illegal.–cnni-world.cnn

China performs 2 days of simulated attacks on Taiwan after Taiwan leader visits the U.S. and meets with congressional leaders:

China performs simulated aircraft carrier attacks on Taiwan after meeting with U.S. congress

China has slapped sanctions on two American organizations that hosted Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen during her recent travel in the United States, which Beijing had fiercely condemned.

Defying China, US House leader and Taiwan president present a united front

Taiwan’s president warns ‘democracy is under threat’ in joint remarks with McCarthy

Xi Jinping Said Today He Is Preparing China For War: The World Should Take Him Seriously — World War III Watch (3)

March 30, 2023

The headline graces the cover of Foreign Affairs magazine this morning: “President Xi Jinping Says He is Preparing China For War: The Rest Of The World Should Take Him Seriously. Here:

And there it is. On the cover of Foreign Affairs today. “Xi Jinping Says He Is Preparing China For War: The World Should Take Him Seriously”
Some of us can take a few days off now. It’s out. Finally. I have to admit i feel a strange sense of vindication, seeing it start to come out in the mainstream. Didn’t think i would. Was praying i was wrong. As i preface every essay with, this is not something you want to be right about.
But after being near certain about an impending World War III for over a year based on following a consistent steady onslaught of very specific events, and writing about it for over a year, only to start to see undeniable proof of it in the last three months, yet still not hearing a word about it from anyone else, i was beginning to think i and few others were the only ones who wouldn’t be surprised once the lights went out.
My only concern now is will anyone in the U.S. start to wake up to it? Before it’s too late? Or will they keep their faces buried in TikTok and irrelevant domestic political drama?
Will Americans finally start acknowledging the dangerous precipice the world is on — especially considering it’s the United States who has everything to lose? Or keep ignoring the bigger picture till the entire world is on fire…?
I’m not sure. Post a song, 200 people will lovingly comment. Post a joke, 100 people will comment LOL. But post something about the disastrous geopolitical landscape we live in and the biggest transformation of power in four generations and it’s crickets. Americans have completely tuned out world affairs. Except on Twitter. They seem incapable of acknowledging it, let alone following it. Their biggest network news in the US doesn’t even cover it. They’ll spend ten minutes pretending what some congress person in Iowa said to an aid is news, but not say one thing about the hundreds of events that have led us up to this point of being so close to a full on global military conflict. It’s insanity. Textbook.
I’m fully aware that here on FB I’m speaking to no one when discussing world affairs. Part of it is the platform itself. But where better to inform your closest friends and colleagues about the most important events transpiring in our lives? We all love our dogs and kids. But it’s our kids who are being and will be affected the most by the events of the last six months. Ours ask us about these events weekly. They notice. Their lives and careers are being affected.
And this is only the beginning. As i say in every essay over the last three months. And sure enough the next day offers even more devastating news confirming this coming conflagration.
Admittedly this cover story above is BIG. We finally have some confirmation that we weren’t just crying wolf. The question now is what are we going to do? Will Biden acknowledge it? Or keep playing dead? Since the United States is the only country in the world now NOT talking about this every day every hour, will they ever? Or will they literally wait till the very last minute and suddenly act like it’s new news to them?
Well, regardless of what the United States government does or doesn’t do, WE already know. If you follow me, YOU already know. We’re there now. Every late night deep discussion we all participated in during the college years about the possibility of another world war or the United States no longer being the worlds superpower… We’re there now. It’s happening.
I hope and pray this might help unite the two different and sharply divided contingents of the nation. For without that, we don’t stand a chance. But truth be told I don’t think we have a chance regardless. America is tired, drunk, broke, lazy, divided, spoiled, deeply in debt, sick to death of its own corruption, obsessed with the shallow or what might make them a celebrity for a night or two.
There is no Great Generation in the younger ranks. They are woefully despondent, doped up on TV and antidepressants or high on their favorite strain of cannabis. They don’t know history. So they don’t realize that we’re now living in the most historically important era since the 1940s. It’s just not part of who they are.
God this is depressing. Yet it’s true. It’s never served anyone to bury their head in the sand in order to avoid seeing the truth. Americans have had it good for so long that like an addict they have become so drenched in it that all they can think about is how much they don’t have. They spend their time killing each other in daily mass shootings and then arguing about what caused it rather than fixing the problem. It’s Rome. It’s Persia. It’s Egypt. It’s Great Britain.
This is why the New Communist Alliance I speak of often has had no problem getting ahead of the US in this buildup to World War III. When you have ten nations all supremely focused on one goal, ridding the world of the United States as a superpower once and for all, and that same United States still focused on infighting about whether gay people or black people or women deserve equal rights, when the rest of the world already made up its mind about that decades ago, it is clear who the winner will be.
It’s not that the New Communist Alliance countries are better or on the right side. They’re not. They’re ideologically deplorable in ideal and practice. Sickening dictatorships. The United States and it’s western allies are still way ahead of the game in their democratic and egalitarian ideals and systems. But that doesn’t negate their spoiled sense of entitlement or their ignorance of world affairs; nor their addiction to distraction and luxury.

We’ve seen this movie far too many times. The once reigning superpower never survives once they hit this point in the film. Except for a few notable exceptions.
We could recall that when Rome fell it didn’t actually matter because the empire itself had already moved to Byzantium and continued to reign Supreme over most of the world for another thousand years. Despite the harm that did to hundreds of millions, it does offer hope for the United States having a chance here in this coming epic battle for world domination we are faced with now.
Let us hope that the powers that be are on top of this, that they have a plan, that the younger generations are not half as inept as they seem when it comes to defending our homeland, that a treaty of some kind can be reached, even if it only buys us another few years to settle our affairs. I was never patriotic. I am now. God save the republic.

World War III Watch (2) — China Escalates the Tension By Bypassing the U.S. Dollar & Creating a New Global Trade Agreement

March 30, 2023

ATTN: This latest development in what appears to be the quickly impending World War III scenario I’ve been writing about for the last six months was just announced about 5 minutes ago. The story is still breaking. Ive been refreshing a large variety of diff news sites every minute to monitor.

“BREAKING: Fox News: China’s new agreement with Iran, India, Saudi Arabia and Russia is a fatal blow to the dollar. Fox News reported that China was able to deal a fatal blow to the dollar in the trade agreement with Iran, India, Saudi Arabia and Russia.”

And this: “BREAKING: CNBC confirms that Saudi Arabia has joined a China-led security bloc and trade alliance with China, Russia, India, Pakistan and others.”
“China transacts the very first commodities purchase, of liquid natural gas, using a currency other than the US dollar in 100 years.”
Today is Wednesday March 29th, 2023. Every bit as disastrous as Friday March 17th, which up until 30 minutes ago I classifed as the worst day in regards to events leading up to World War III. It was. But today tied it.
We knew it might be coming. Some did at least. Though i still did not necessarily believe we’d see this latest event below in our lifetimes, I wrote about and predicted the potential for it to happen two weeks ago in the essay entitled World War III Watch in the Transcendence Diaries here:
So far little by little every prediction in the essay has continued to transpire day by day. Though it’s clearly not something anyone wanted to see happen. Seeing the potential for it to happen, writing about and warning about it, is not the same as wanting it.
But the activities and events are now moving FAST. As they have been for months. While the US not only doesn’t do anything about it, doesn’t even speak about it, doesn’t even acknowledge it to the general public.
I refuse to believe that the US government is not fully aware of these events, not monitoring them and not preparing for them. One assumes they just haven’t wanted to alert the American people about it, due to what a mess the U.S. is in domestically, and out of fear of panic setting in. I believe they’ve made a tragic strategic error in judgement in not telling the American people about it and not preparing them for it.
We’ve been watching events like this unfold all year that strongly indicate the world is barreling at breakneck speed toward a global military conflict, a World War III or something like it. Definitely something much bigger and more impactful than a Cold War now. The Cold War with Russia and China from 30 years ago seems quaint by comparison. That was all about spying and intelligence agencies.
This is all above board, real world, practical changes in the most fundamental and foundational aspects of the global geopolitical environment and the relationship between the earth’s largest superpowers. Energy, commodities, currencies, banking, trade agreements, financial markets, political alliances, et al. are all being swiftly manipulated simultaneously. But for the first time, not by the United States.
It’s what some have been calling “The Great Reset” as China begins to overtake the United States in global dominance and influence in a variety of different arenas, along with an ever-growing number of other countries while together they build what I’ve been referring to as The Communist Alliance. Though I dont think anybody believed we’d see this much unfold in a matter of 3 months. But we have.
The world may escape a global conflict if the US just peters out and dies on the vine, which is ultimately what this new Communist Alliance wants and is aiming for. With the US having the largest debt in human history, one of the biggest Debt to GDP ratios on record, now over 100%, and China being the largest, most important debt holder of American instruments, this is the perfect time for this new alliance to make its move.
Together the US and the EU combined have not been able to help Ukraine beat Russia in any measurable way nor even move in the right direction. No matter how much they spend. Their influence has been weak and without much benefit to Ukraine. Clearly this is something China and Russia have noticed, along with the rest of the world, and a large reason why they’ve decided to amp up so quickly in their shared mission.
They don’t “want” a war. And they may not even need one if things keep going the way they’re going. They want to replace the United States in global dominance. And they have been strategically brilliant over the last 4 years in this. Especially China.
This latest development takes them one step closer. Closer than they’ve ever been. Closer than any country has ever been in the last 100 years. I honestly didn’t think we’d see this and so many other events over the last few months in our lifetime.
This is an unheralded event. If this even starts to repeat or becomes the norm, it has the potential to crush the US economy in months. The United States will have no choice but to quickly shift toward war-footing before that even begins to happen.
Throw in Iran, Syria, North Korea, Hungary, along with others, and a pending Chinese invasion of Taiwan soon to come, and we begin to see how far we’ve let this get without doing anything.
As an American I am deeply concerned that the Biden administration seems to have no clue what’s happening. I’d feel much more comfortable if he held a press conference or a prime time televised talk to all Americans to advise us what we’re seeing, what it implies and what they plan to do about it.
Lest we forget China president Xi is in Ukraine now meeting with Zelensky. I must admit that I am on pins and needles dreading an announcement from either of them about any kind of new influence or assistance from China to Ukraine.

If China is successful in brokering any kind of peace agreement or ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine, that too would be another nail in the coffin for the US, immediately showing how out of touch and unnecessary they are on the world stage.
Having Europe as your ally no longer means what it once did. In fact it now means very little. Especially when it’s your biggest and only ally and your enemy is a new global superpower collation led by China and Russia.
Taiwan’s president is in the US meeting with the White House, the American president surely confirming unilateral unwavering support for Taiwan, despite the fact that we already know China’s intention to take it over. None of this is “good”.

How Long Will Americans Allow Their Government To Keep Supporting the Israeli Apartheid State Or Saudi Fascism?

March 21, 2023

From CNN: Israel’s far-right Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich denied the existence of a Palestinian people or nationhood over the weekend, prompting a rebuke from the United States just weeks after calling for a Palestinian town to be “erased.” Smotrich, a Jewish nationalist, argued that the idea of Palestinian nationhood was invented in the past century in response to the Zionist movement to found modern-day Israel.

This you just have to read to believe. Most Americans tend to view causes of disenfranchised peoples in other countries as something we may try to help with when we have the time, but not of major import to us. Considering the amount of problems we have here at home now, that may be a legitimate stance. The only problem with it is that the United States is the primary ally and supporter of Israel, especially over the last 30 years as more and more countries call for boycotting the country for their severe mistreatment and human rights abuses of the Palestinian people.

Oftentimes it’s only the United States that blocks major UN resolutions against Israel when the rest of the world signs them. Which makes Israel’s violations of human rights laws America’s violations. What Israel does, the United States automatically supports due to this alliance — even though someone from the American government always steps up and speaks out against, as in this case.

But those are just words. The truth is the United States has done nothing over the last 80 years in the face of even the worst human rights abuses by Israelis. Just as with America’s alliance with the Saudis, at some point the American people need to decide which side they are on and which ideologies they stand for: human dignity, freedom and Justice? Or barbarous fascism and apartheid?

It’s one of the first things one hears from people around the world when traveling —how on earth can Americans claim they stand for freedom and democracy in light of their support for Israel or Saudi Arabia? No one in the world who has taken up the noble cause of the displaced Palestinian people agrees with the more radical views of Hamas and others about “Israel needs to be destroyed”. That’s a fallacious distraction some use to try to justify their goal of eradicating Palestinians out of existence.

And that right there might be one of the most shocking realities of our current world: many Israelis and Jews all over the world don’t hide their desire to see every last Palestinian dead. If you ask them about the conflict, they’ll readily say something to that effect to you. The first time someone said it to me, about 25 years ago, I was shocked. Until I heard it a second and third and fourth time. It lies in stark contrast with their desire to have the atrocities of WW II against their own people to be remembered and never repeated.

To be fair to current facts the most ardent supporters of the Palestinian cause are Jews who live in Israel. The strongest base of anti-Israel apartheid state views and tactics are in Israel founded by Jews who are intelligent and compassionate minded people. There’s just not a lot of them compared to the immoral majority there who’d like to wipe out the Palestinians.

Regardless, the real issue for us here in the US is how long will we allow the American government to keep supporting these tyrannical nations in our name just because it serves some financial or militarily strategic goals?

World War III Watch

March 17, 2023

For me it started during the summer of 2021, approximately a year and a half ago. It wasn’t based on news or data, but only an intuitive feeling at the time. Throughout the morning that day I had been feeling a disturbing intuitive sense that something was off regarding international relations and global conflicts. Something bad was about to happen globally and it was major.

I walked into the kitchen where Princess Little Tree (PLT) was cooking all morning and I said “there’s going to be some kind of a war honey. Something big. Like a world war. I can feel it.” But Princess Little Tree is accustomed to my outlandish declarations. She responded by asking me if something had happened that led me to think that. I told her no, it’s just a really strong intuitive sense. As the feeling continued to intensify I continued to repeat to her throughout the day how I was sensing something big, some kind of major global altercation. At some point she said “well let’s note it and put it on the calendar”. So we did. On a hot august day in the summer of 2021. We wrote “PBJ (Prince Baby Joon) sees a world war coming”.

And that was it. Time passed. And we didn’t hear or see much in the way of anything that supported this idea. Until more than a year later when Russia invaded Ukraine. That in and of itself did not raise the hairs on the back of my neck. We had seen this movie too many times before, especially during the Obama years. Then it stopped once Trump was elected and Russia suddenly was on its best behavior. (Interesting that…) But for some reason it got everyone else alarmed. Especially the United states and Europe.

Once the United States and Europe started acting as if the safety and security of the entire world was being threatened by this Russian invasion of Ukraine (it’s not), I started commenting, softly and slowly at first and then more intensely, “this is the beginning of what I was seeing. We’re literally watching in real time what could easily throw us into a world war…”. It wasn’t Russia invading Ukraine. It was the fact that the US and most European countries were so willing to jump into the conflict by suddenly backing Ukraine as if they too were in a war against Russia.

Which of course they were, as the rest of us would soon begin to realize as the months wore on. Pretty soon it was hard to tell who was at war. Sure Ukraine held the little name badge showing they were an official team in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. But the United States is the country actually funding and weaponizing the whole thing. And this along with Europe’s contributions to Ukraine and directly opposing Russia was and will remain historically one of the biggest foreign policy errors in human history. And at this point anyone who claims that the United States is not at war with Russia is not paying attention. Or in denial. Or lying.

[Right here I’m going to tell you that exploring the reasons why the United States decided to go to war against Russia (simply put it’s payback to Zelensky for keeping his mouth shut to protect both Trump and Biden from the criminal repercussions they’d receive if the full stories of their past actions in and involving Ukraine were revealed) is vital but not pertinent to the bigger picture of this impending world war, because this has spiraled so far out of control now, in so many different directions that the US didn’t foresee, that even the strange and abnormal hero status and protection that the United States has bestowed upon Zelensky is not as important as everything else we’re witnessing that appears to be leading us into a large scale global super-conflict that threatens to be the biggest and deadliest in human history.]

Late yesterday, after a slew of concerning events that further showed how quickly the world is moving toward war, the president of Serbia gave a chilling warning about it: “…this is an escalation that has no end. I’m afraid that we may be heading towards the biggest conflict in the history of the world. I wonder if anyone is smart enough not to go through with this, and if anyone understands whatever the consequences of this will be,” Vucic said.

Friday March 17 2023 will go down in history books as the day that signaled the world was headed down a path toward another world war. Out of everything we heard through the newswires Friday that signaled this dark moment, perhaps none was more important nor more important than hearing that the International Criminal Court (ICC) of the Netherlands issued a formal arrest warrant for Russian President Putin for war crimes. It is one of the most surreal and ludicrous actions we’ve seen so far building up to the harsh realities now facing us.

Surreal because one cannot imagine anyone so short sighted to issue an arrest warrant against the president of a sovereign nation, especially not under the circumstances of said president being in the middle of a war with another country. The implications are immense. President Putin is immune to such an action. As any president of any other sovereign nation is. At best this is a foolhardy political ploy that will feed only the hearts and minds of celebrity-minded media maggots with nothing better to talk about. The same anchors reporters and pundits who play Who’s Popular with American politicians every night instead of reporting the news.

To see how ludicrous the action is imagine for a moment if the ICC issued an arrest warrant for American President Joe Biden. The United States would immediately issue a press release decrying the act as not legally binding and not lawfully applicable to the president. Just as the Kremlin did. They would also issue a warning to the ICC and the 123 member countries to not move forward with any such actions in that direction or face the consequences. Just as the Kremlin did.

Most importantly if anyone did take this arrest warrant seriously and do anything to president Biden, the US military would take such swift action to protect our president that it would be over in less than 30 minutes. It would also spell the beginning of the end for that country. One can only imagine the destruction that would befall said country should they do anything that stupid. The same thing would happen if anything were to happen to president Putin. As it should be. It would ring the bells of the first shots that began World War III. If we do not collectively honor the national sovereignty of other countries and their leaders, no matter how much we might disagree with them, then we don’t deserve freedom and liberty as a people. We might as well start building the jail cells to prepare for the forever-1984 world we’d be creating.

After nearly a year of talking about this, trying to get others to see what’s happening, how obvious it is, how deadly it’s going to be, we finally get some confirmation, someone else, someone with a little credibility on the world stage, warning of the same thing. Because it has become obvious now to anyone paying attention.

Many other countries around the world haven’t been as withholding and have already boldly stepped forward to declare their allegiance to one side or the other for all the world to see. Much of it has happened in the last month. I have been shocked how quickly it’s unfolding now. What started out as nothing more than a feeling, turned into a hunch, and then avalanched into a reality composed of a daily series of events that we can now track and dread.

The nations of the world are quickly forming alliances with each other, choosing which side they’re on and filing into place in preparation for this coming world war. The United States seems to be the only nation who hasn’t come clean with its citizens or the media or the rest of the world in admitting what they see happening and what they plan on doing about it.

My guess is that the powers that be in Washington know very well what’s happening, regardless of how dumb and clueless those in the White House, senate and congress appear to be to the rest of us. My hope is that those who need to know do know and they’re just playing it close to the vest to delay the chaos and panic that would ensue if it came out.

In the last month we’ve seen a multitude of incidents announced around the world that should be terrifying to those paying attention, which is the primary problem: not many people are paying attention. And I dont believe that even the events of this week’s news will change that. I’m guessing that for the most part people are waiting to be told by their favorite American news network that they need to be paying attention. Obviously a serious miscalculation for those who care about such things. (And who doesn’t?)

News networks have done a decent job of feeding us about 35% of the facts and news-bites that are important and pertinent to this impending global conflict, but none have dared to analyze the data and report what governments, think tanks and experts are surely already discussing behind closed doors. They’re still spending 99% of their airtime stupefyingly debating political nonsense about the American president or congress or senators they like or dislike. It’s beyond inane the way politics have turned into the favorite plaything of news-as-entertainment. It’s obliterated the way people view and think about world news.

Especially in the climate we’re in now. I’m nothing. A working class singer-songwriter. If someone like me can already start putting the pieces together and notice the world is getting damn close to the largest global conflict in world history, then surely journalists and news producers can. But they refuse to. Or better put they refuse to acknowledge they’re able or willing to. That’s a sure path to mutually agreed upon self destruction for both the media and the people and world they claim to serve.

The media and the government have been so preoccupied with their self professed war with Russia that they forgot the United States has already been in a Cold War with China for years. The potential for China, the second largest economy in the world and third largest super power, already at war with the United States and proud of it, to suddenly form an alliance with Russia, the second largest super power, was almost inevitable. But something we all hoped we’d never see.

That took place yesterday when we woke up to the news that China’s president Xi Jinping is heading off to Russia next week to sign new alliance agreements with Putin. This is the news that we have been dreading.

For context many people think the United States won World War II. What they forget is that Great Britain, France, the United States, along with Russia and China won World War II. So what is a World War III for the United States going to look like with those two superpowers fighting on the other side.

Lest we forget that the United States has a questionably spotty if not a downright bad record of being able to win wars on its own since the end of World War II. Korea, Vietnam, the Iran-Iraq war (which the United States initiated through funding Iraq with tens of billions of dollars and weapons while demanding that Iraq invade Iran until it realized that Iran was still winning after 5 years so they switched course and started secretly funding Iran with money and weapons (see Iran Contra Affair)).

Then came the US attacks of the Middle East in the 2000s where at one point the United States was engaged in a war with six different countries simultaneously but could not realistically make one victory speech about any of them even after 20 years because they couldn’t figure out how to win. Instead they let military personal and soldiers flounder for decades in the deserts not winning nor receiving the necessary support or escalated troop numbers they needed. Eventually the United States told the troops to come home, in Afghanistan for example, with their tail between their legs not having accomplished anything. Once again an American war that didn’t go as planned.

With Libya the US didn’t even bother to start a war. They just bombed the hell out of the country and killed its president and other leaders, which were the only thing keeping the country remotely stable, then abandoned the country and it’s people, leaving it to become one of the top training grounds for Islamic terrorism and ISIS in the world, which is what it is today. This was not winning a war. What it was careless and bad strategy.

These kind of global displays of reckless destruction and stupidity used to work for the United States. Or at least they were usually confident they’d get away with them and there’d be no serious repercussions. But things have changed over the last five to ten years.

Other nations around the earth have gotten tired of them. Traditionally they weren’t able to do anything to stop the US from its careless bullying and bomb dropping. Because they were too small and the United States has too large a military. But with newfound confidence from large economies and a thirst to break free from American global dominance once and for all, along with the advent of new anti-American policies by the second and third largest superpowers, Russia and China, other smaller nations are being heard and welcomed into this new multinational super-alliance. Fast. And the one thing that all of these nations share in common is a hatred of all things Western.

Consider for a moment how many hundreds of millions of people in the Middle East alone who have been dreaming about taking deadly revenge against the United States for the last 23 years. With both Iran and Saudi Arabia forming new alliances with Russia and China in the last few weeks it appears that vision is ever closer for them. The fact that the Saudis would even dare dream of doing such a thing when the US, for better or worse, created the country in the first place and has supported this family of viscous dictators for almost a hundred years is unthinkable. But they did it. Just a week ago. That’s not something the United States ever counted on happening.

Why else would the White House permit the prince of Saudi Arabia MBS to chop up the body of an American journalist, Jamal Kashogi, into tiny pieces and stuff it into a suitcase with no consequences? What would be a capital offense for anyone else is permissible for the Saudis. Because ostensibly we need need each other. But that’s officially changed over the last month. We may still need them. But they don’t need us anymore.

Obviously the worst of all possible outcomes would be if these countries decided to break the United States’ monopoly on oil and the petro dollar, something that’s been contemplated and announced by both and China through newswires several times this year already. The US dollar would plummet instantly. The biggest challenge the United States faces is that it has one of the weakest economies in the world now, very different than 20-25 years ago. They have the largest national debt in human history and a debt to GDP ratio well over 100%.

Normally when a country reaches a Debt/GDP ratio of 60%, they are forced into brutal austerity measures by other countries around the world and are never able to rebuild their economy again. This is because statistical models show that once over 60% it’s impossible for any country to rebuild from that. The debt/GDP ratio of the US now is almost double that. The only thing keeping the United States afloat at this point is it’s large multinational military presence i.e. fear, and it’s monopoly over oil and world currency — the latter would immediately end if the other large superpowers convinced the Saudis it was okay to break this longstanding agreement with the US. The question now is what’s stopping them with new alliances with Russia and China?

The United States can never borrow enough to get out of its debt even by a little because no one else has that kind of money to loan them. The US could theoretically gather every billionaire in the country and strong arm them into assisting it in lowering its debt or in helping it increase its purchasing power. But even if they took every penny every billionaire in America possesses, it wouldn’t make a dent in the 22 trillion dollars of debt the United States has on its books now.

And that’s yesterdays news compared to the latest implosion of small and midsized banks across America, a path that as worrying and traumatizing as it is for most of us to witness, is just getting started. This poses another threat for the United States in being able to fund a full scale war against the new Communist Alliance. Although one may consider that due to how profitable war is for many parties, securing funding shouldn’t be a problem.

At this point only a war can save the United States. A war they would need to win. It’s how they got out of their last debt crisis, the Great Depression. If it weren’t for World War II it’s not likely the United States would’ve come out of the Great Depression to become the largest superpower in the world.

What’s important to piece together is who will be purportedly fighting who. Who are the Allied Powers now? The new Communist Alliance we’re seeing come together now is China, Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, and several smaller Eastern European nations. Will China invade Hong Kong and Taiwan soon and force them to fight in the conflict? Or will the United States come to their aid and start a war with China to defend these important economic houses? Does that imply they would fight with The Western Alliance?

Who is the Western Alliance? The United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Japan (yes it’s ironic how all the tables have switched sides since the last Great War), the Scandinavian nations, Turkey will fall on that side since they’re so indebted to the US, et al. Think NATO. One can easily see a potential problem. This isn’t the early 20th century. None of these once grand superpowers are as strong or powerful as they once were. Only Germany still poses an authoritative threat militarily to anyone besides the U.S.

It’s important to note that the United States has over 1500 military bases and black ops sites all over planet earth at this time. The second largest mass is that of Russia who only have 640 sites in total. This gives the United States a healthy advantage strategically going in.

One of the later events of yesterday that appeared in the news to add fire to the flames of an impending world war was the announcement that Finland has now decided to join NATO, against numerous warnings against that action at this time by other NATO countries, and Turkey publicly stated they were willing to ratify it. Talk about poking the bear. Not even the United States was willing to consider this, nor the membership of Ukraine for that matter (despite their incessant pleading for it) because everybody knows that was the main reason given by Putin as to why he invaded Ukraine. He doesn’t want Mother Russia to be unfairly surrounded by NATO member countries on his border. Which makes perfect sense. It’s a justifiable concern. Which is why major western countries have been unwilling to let Finland or Ukraine join NATO. It would only fan the flames of an already angry Russia. The fact that this too was announced yesterday was another step toward the wrong direction if what we all want is world peace.

More later. This is just the first in what will surely be more notes about this deeply concerning issue.

Capital One Bank Uses Zelle To Take Money Out Of Customer Accounts Overnight

March 17, 2023

If you’re looking for a bank for day to day retail banking needs like depositing your paycheck or paying recurring monthly bills, you may want to think again before using Capital One. There has been a growing number of cases reported in 2023 of the bank using the money sending app Zelle to take money out of their customers’ accounts overnight and claim that it’s a glitch in the Zelle app.

It’s a crafty method Capital One uses on the unsuspecting customer. They stick with small businesses or customers that tend to have $50,000 or less in their account, and keep the amounts they steal limited to $500 or less. But compounded by tens of thousands of customer accounts a night, the total amount of money the bank is able to collect amasses to hundreds of thousands of dollars per night.

Some customers may not even notice the money is gone at first. And that’s exactly what the bank is hoping for. But for most working Americans $250 to $500 is a lot of money. Consumer Protection agencies say that so far Capital One only targets customers or businesses who’ve recently sent money to a friend, family member or another business using Zelle; this person is called the Recipient. The Capital One customer, called the Sender, hears back from the recipient that they never received the money. So they contact Zelle, who reports that the money was received and cleared by Capital One bank.

The customer then calls Capital One. What happens next is a circular scheme of never ending phone calls and e-mails with the bank who claims that they see the transaction but aren’t able to verify if the recipient received the money; and due to the terms of service of Zelle they aren’t able to return the money to the sender either.

Recorded calls with Capital One customer service reps reveal that even they are unable to fully understand where the customers’ money is, but they can confirm that the bank did receive the money from Zelle. They also can confirm that the customers’ account has been debited by the amount they sent. Most of the time the customers have already sent the recipient a second payment using a different money sending method like PayPal or Venmo, assuming that Capital One would discover the glitch and refund the first payment to them. Instead the bank continues to claim that “due to the terms of service of Zelle, users are liable for the payments sent using the app”.

This phrase is repeated to the customers ad nauseam by Capital One customer service reps, who themselves aren’t even sure what it means or how it equates to Capital One taking these large amounts of money out of customers’ accounts. They can only see that the customer has paid for the transaction twice, their account has been debited twice and there’s no way to refund the first transaction.

Both customers and Capital One customer service reps remain confused during what usually turns into conversations that last an hour or more. Both can see that the account is missing the money from the first transaction and that the recipient never received it. Both can confirm that Capital One processed the transaction and has the customers’ money. They just can’t figure out why, nor how to retrieve the money in order to refund it to the customer.

What Capital One is doing with the money they’ve kept from these transactions or where it’s gone remains a mystery. But reports of this type are mounting up across the country. Customers are then forced to find an attorney and file a claim against the bank. But most working Americans don’t have the time for that, so they put it off. Capital One is then able to keep the money from their customers’ Zelle transactions without ever sending it to the recipients. Stories like this are beginning to appear more and more frequently about Capital One and Zelle, though in their defense it appears that Zelle is as much a victim of Capital One’s questionable banking practices as their customers.

One thing is sure about these stories. Consumers would be better off not using the Zelle money sending app if they bank with Capital One, or better yet would be safer still if they chose a different bank altogether.

On the First Day of Lent — New Hope Awaits

February 22, 2023

Right around the corner, in everybody’s life, lie infinite possibilities, the sum of humanity’s free will and nature’s chaotic elegance and disorder. God let there be a miracle just on the other side.

When you have done your best and still feel all your resources have been exhausted, a mental, emotional and spiritual hunger abides with you. God please help me feel sated and fulfilled.

Memories flood in and out of our hearts and minds, reflecting on better times, worse times, similar times; when we found God, felt God, lost God, mourned for God. God please find me again.

We are often in awe of how life can be so beautiful and easy at times, yet so difficult and challenging, even tragic, at other times. The path to true peace is the wisdom that leads us to an acceptance of the miraculous cohabitation of good and bad, divine and evil, noble and barbarous, healthy and sickly. God please help me find wisdom.

Despite this knowing, despite our acceptance of the contradictory flow of life, we have an irrational yet instinctual desire for everyone we know to be doing well; to be good and noble, strong and healthy. God please abide within everyone I know; keep them safe Lord.

And somewhere inside us there exists this divine hope that continues to lift us up even when we cannot lift ourselves, a spiritual hopefulness that transcends the physical or mental. It presses us to courageously keep moving forward, compels us to keep fighting for noble goals and causes, inspires us to keep standing up when we get knocked down. God thank you for the courage and strength.

Perhaps it’s a genetic addition that evolved in us 200,000 years ago; or instead a Divine Spark imprinted within us a million years ago by a higher power. Whatever its origins, this eternal spark of spiritual hope never seems to go out. God please help me keep hope alive within me and everyone I love.

Amen and amen

Life Really Does Happen — Whether We Want It To Or Not

February 1, 2023
Latest X-day Showing Advanced Levoscoliosis

So… We’ve received a lot of Messages asking us if we’re okay and “where the heck have you been? We are “okay”. I’d LOVE to say we are AWESOME like normal. And in certain arenas we are. For sure. The back pain issues I first spoke about 2 years ago have continued to get worse. So “where we’ve been” is doctors, Chiros, surgeons, pain management centers, imaging centers, etc etc.
For those who ask…. My once herniated discs in L2-L5, which was causing all that pain, turned to ruptured discs about 9 months ago. The pain got worse and the legs got way worse. Now they’ve turned into collapsed discs. And the pain is way way worse. And so are the legs. For ease of understanding, there are no more discs in L2-L5. They’ve flattened. It’s bone against bone. And the gel that once filled the discs has now filled my spinal column and foramin pushing against a whole host of nerve bundles in the lumbar area and the ones specifically responsible for our legs.
There’s foraminal stenosis, as one would guess, which just means those holes in our back bones that all our nerves slip in and out of, are filled with disc gel and are being squeezed. The back pain is beyond excruciating. In addition the leg pain is as well. But it’s more of a weakness, burning, tingling, on fire, and numb feeling.
What it translates to is I now limp on both legs, which I admit makes me feel sorry for myself sometimes and embarrassed. I also kick things over all the time as I lose more and more control of my legs, and I occasionally fall over. It definitely sucks.
The X-rays show the levoscoliosis that has formed — the spine twisting left to right to left etc constantly overcompensating everytime another disc ruptures and starts to flatten. Doctor says it’s a chicken or the egg dilemma: is the levoscoliosis causing the discs to rupture or are the collapsed discs causing the levoscoliosis… they all say it doesn’t matter at this point.
There is some good news in all of this. For one thing, my outrageous writing 5-8 songs a week has returned. Most likely because there’s a lot now that I’m not able to do. Songwriting isn’t one of them. I haven’t written at this level or this speed since ‘06-‘08. And it feels awesome.
Another thing, in late summer things suddenly changed for the worse. One minute i was normal me, sort of, not really i guess, but “okay”, just in a lot of pain and moaning groaning and screaming a lot. Then suddenly the pain became too unbearable and I became bed ridden. Couldn’t get out of the horizontal position, just lying there with tears steaming down my eyes moaning. This was the rock bottom.
Then something miraculous: friends heard about it and sent us their medication. Not kidding. Doctors in NY are absolutely terrified of prescribing certain medicines. And they tell us that. Literally say to us “truth is son we are terrified of prescribing the kind of medications YOU need right now. We’re too Afraid of losing our licenses.” So instead they overcompensate and load you up with a bunch of meds you don’t need and that are much more dangerous for you. They freely admit that’s what they’re doing. They blame the New York Board of Medicine.
So people like me just lie around horizontal unable to stand or sit…. moaning or screaming in pain all day every day. It’s like living in hell and having nightmares on top of it. But then in come these meds from friends. Suddenly I was out of pain. I could walk. I could sit at a desk. I could bend. It was AMAZING. A true miracle.
You run out of these meds of course. So people like me and millions of other Americans are forced to buy them from Canadian or British pharmacies. Which don’t go through your insurance obviously. So it’s expensive as hell. But you get your life back. That’s an issue. It’s happening all over the country to tens of millions of Americans who wake up “sick” one day. A topic in and of itself.
Where WE are now is in a race against my legs continuing to get worse and “losing mobility” or what they like to call “becoming non-ambulatory” which is a fancy way of saying “not be able to walk”. So we have been interviewing surgeons like crazy.
The problem is I have what is called a “spinal deformity”, referring to the rollercoaster my spine has turned into from the levoscoliosis. So we need what’s called a “Spinal Deformity Specialist” to do the surgeries. There are about 3-5 surgeries I need depending on who you talk to.
But every surgeon we’ve gone to has declined to be the one who’s going to do it. Which we totally understand. One surgeon, the top at his hospital, the top in his field, told us he couldn’t guarantee better than a 50/50 chance of improving me after surgery and to keep looking. another one gave us the old “you’re really young to be getting these surgeries. Let’s give it some time before we go putting you through all that.” We’ve heard this one before. 2 years ago. If we hadn’t listened to him, I’d be in a lot less pain and I’d be walking like a normal person. They say this because it’s a big task, with a big risk due to my spine. We get it.
So our goal, our primary, our mission, is to just find ONE great surgeon who says “Yes, I think I can do this”. That’s it. It’s been harder than we thought. We’ve met with a lot of them. But we will keep on, stay positive, and we will find this one awesome surgeon. And we will resolve and heal my back and put this behind us. I see it. I feel it.
If you want to help in consciousness, use whatever tools you feel comfortable with, Prayer, Primaries, visualizations, incantations or affirmations, positive thinking… toward:

  1. We find the perfect surgeon for the job and he does it without any glitches and I’m healed.
  2. 2. Our insurance company stops denying everything our doctors and surgeons request and stop wasting everyone’s time and energy. They are monsters. We really need them to step up now. Before it’s too late.
  3. Our doctor starts coming around and prescribing the right medications to treat what I actually have. Excruciating Level 8-10 chronic pain. (Last week he tried to give me an extremely toxic med for MS patients who have seizures! Not kidding. Has absolutely nothing to do with what I have. And he knows it. Told me. But like all of them, he’s scared to death to prescribe anything for pain etc.) BUT HE actually did say in our last appnt that THAT IS exactly what I need and he’s not averse to prescribing it and he will “soon”. So we wait for “soon”….
    In the meantime Princess Little Tree has been AMAZING through this. She’s been strong, supportive, resolute, any and every positive adjective you can think of. But she has her moments. She cries a lot. She’ll see me hobble into the bedroom like an old man and just start crying. I can’t wash my own face — bending over like that kills me. Tying my shoes is excruciating. Or maybe I’ll kick something over without knowing it. It’s all a LOT for her to bear. Too much.
    And the funny thing about it, the irony of it all, is that as the sick person you actually feel worse about what you’re doing to your spouse than you do about how sick you are. It really messes with your self esteem. Forcing your spouse into something so challenging difficult and heartbreaking. For me it’s just been very humbling anger-inducing and embarrassing and yes I often feel shame for being like this.
    So if you know her, send some positive energy her way. Or a message or a text or a call or a prayer. Anything you can think of to help lift her spirits or support her. She’s taking the big hit and the heavy load with this. Not me. I promise as strange as that sounds, I believe it is true.
    Speaking of that, for those of you who have already known about this and have been helping along the way, THANK YOU! We don’t have words to express how grateful we’ve felt over this past year for you and everything you’ve done. You’ve taught us a LOT about the power of helping others and how it really is the most important thing we can do in life. We are very humbled grateful and appreciative for all of you and we love you all very much.
    You guys know me. It doesn’t get more positive. One of the reasons why I kept this quiet for so long. I was certain I was going to power my way through it in no time at all and it would be over. No need to share it. So didn’t feel like it was a big deal. But yeah so it’s a big deal now. BUT I remain super positive about it. And super hopeful. I KNOW we will get through this. We’re getting close now. Just keep thinking and seeing the same thing with us please.
    That’s it for now.
    Ambassador out.